Beneath a Stormy Sky

1879: Shipwrecked off the west coast of Australia, Louisa Reynolds is aided by an aboriginal girl and a kindly doctor, eventually making a fresh start in the villag of Albany. Unexpected new friendships with two en, old gentleman George and dashing Connor, give her joy- but when she see an invitation to stay at George 's sheep station, the residents are scandalised by a single ma in the company of en. Louisa 's growing feelings for Connor are shattered by a revelation- and it is gentle George who she suddenly marries. Only, settling into station life comes with its own roblems, financial and otherwise. Confronted by a devastating fire and a mo of bushrangers, Louisa feels as though her world is spinning out of control. Can she hel the sheep station? And how long an she claim the love she feels for Connor?
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Published May 1st 2020 by Aurora Audio Library Download

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