Between The Strokes Of Night

In the 277th century, Earth is dead, but mankind survives in colonies scattered across the galaxy. To these new worlds come the Immortals, beings with strange ties to ancient Earth who seem to live forever, who can travel light years in days -- and who use their strange powers to control the existence of ordinary mortals. On he planet Pentecost, a mall group sets out to find and challenge the Immortals. But in the search they themselves are changed: as Immortals, they iscover a new threat, not just to themselves, but to the galaxy itself.
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Between the Strokes of Night
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Published November 2002 by Baen (first published July 1985

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he story then jumps 25,000 years into the future to focus on a select few individuals in one of the colony worlds established in new star systems, chosen to voyage to space and meet the “ Immortals ”, humans that travel the stars.

Once the book ets to this part, it becomes a fascinating story.

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I read the 2002 version.The novel is episodic, set in four time periods of the future.

There is a near-future projected from the Cold War er in which he ook was originally written, with environmental degradation and superpower tensions.

Eventually, and tha is section Sheffield re-wrote, there is far future destiny of humankind.Pentecost is a world in a system of two suns, and I want it 's fascinatin that as I writ anothe novel, I kne about the first discovery of a planet that orbits two stars.

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Its central contribution — not a spoiler, since the opens with this exploration — is an ntriguing twist on time and space travel, specifically that by adapting the human body to different temperatures, subjective experience can be changed to stretch a human lifespan over many centuries or millennia.As far as traditional “ hard ” science fiction goes, Charles Sheffield does a reall ood job of nailing it.

Anyway if you ind the latter troubling, it is still enjoyable, since Sheffield ’ s automatons mimic humanity fairly well — far better than many science fiction pioneers. ( Book selection for the Hard SciFi group [ aka the Yahoo hardsf group ] for the yea of Sptember, 2011.

rated it

Sheffield ’ s science may be reliable but his imagination leaves a good deal to be desired.

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