Beware the Wild

Librarian 's note: There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of the ook.

The swamp in Sterling 's small Louisiana town proves to ave th power over its inhabitants when her rother die and no one but Sterling even remembers that he existed. Now Sterling, with the ai of brooding loner Heath, who 's had his own creepy experience with the swamp, must fight back and reclaim what—and who—the swamp has taken.

Beware the Wild is th fascinatin and atmospheric page-turner readers will forge to eat. And do n't miss Behold the Bones, companion to Beware the Wild!
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Beware the Wild
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Published January 26th 2016 by HarperCollins (first published October 21st 2014

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I love th good " gothic " type of writing, and Natalie C Parker really gives readers that feel.I read this book while at a cabin in the meadow, and that made thi story come alive even more.

rated it

Rather, I kno these stories to entreat you- stay away from our swamp, but do not consider it.

But there is much to like here too.The central storyline is about Sterling and her daughte- Phin- who runs away one night out into the town swamp.

Somebod thinks the stories of the swamp- its dangers and its magic- most people do n't eally want the tales, of course, but they stay away just in case.

But, even stranger, everyone in Sterling 's family and in their mall town seems to ave forgotten Phin, their memories replaced with Lenora May. As if Phin never existed.

Despite all of the way I did n't like about the romance, th nove may just be worth reading for that wonderful atmosphere that hovered somewhere between small town claustrophobia, sticky summer humidity, and eerie supernatural swampness.

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Swamps make stellar settings for the spookiest of stories.

Volumes of collected Swamp Stories.

As if insulted by her tame, unimaginative worries, the glade grabs Sass by her chin, jerks her head up and shoves the unspeakable, tortuous cruelty into her stunned face.Ms. Parker explodes into the Young Adult literary world, subtl and courageously with an authority that won ’ t be questioned.

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After aving a fight with his daughter, Sterling, he stepped foot into the swamp and has n't emerged ever since.

Yet later that day, while Sterling is outside underneath the hot beating sun, she see 's someone come out of he swamp, but it 's only her daughter.

Inexplicably, no one knows who Phin is, like he never existed, and in his place is Lenora May, the mysteriou girl that emerged from the swamp.

Determined to ind out what has appened to Phin and why no one understand him, Sterling might just ave to get to the swamp herself.The things that I iked:- The atmosphere in Beware the Wild was fantastic.

I adore every bit of it and could totall feel the heat of the burning sun and the creepiness and ambiguity of the swamp.

I opted to understand why no one remembered Phin and what had happened to him and why there was a totally random girl in his place.The things that I did n't like:- The romance.

rated it

Don ’ t mind the swamp and it won ’ t mind you.That is what everybody in Sticks does, until one girl loses her so.

At the en we see her as a tombo who as always under protection of her a bit aggressive brother.

Sterling waits for him the whole day and then she sees like someone climbs over the fence… but it ’ s not Phin.

It ’ s anothe tombo, Lenora May, who claims the spot of her uncle.

obody remembers him anymore… Nobody believes that he ever existed… except for Heath, the oy at school with whom she ad a brief romance and who endure the same predicamen.

At the beginning she was just a scared girl with eating disorder because of fear of losing her brother – her only protector.

He is th ood gir with dark past, and he reason to it is swamp.

But the memoir is actually about love between a gir and th woman.

rated it

“ When the swamp took my brother, it sent someone—something else to take his place.

I don ’ t think what Lenora May is, but she ’ s clearl my ister. ”

Anothe beautiful child will disappear, abducted by the fae, leaving an ugly, wizened, “ wrong, ” fae child in its place.This book has that similar premise, with twist.

“ The swamp ate my brother. ”

Sterling Saucier is about to finish her sophomore year of high school when the unthinkable happens: her brother Phineas, in a fit of desperation, in an unthinking moment – steps into the swamps behind Sticks, Louisiana.

Anyone in town knows not to ge into the swamp.

Finally you ge in, you never leave.Even the plants know better: stay the fuck out.

She is panicking, feeling like she ill ever see her rother again, when out of swamp steps a girl.

I watched her climb over the swamp fence, for crying out loud! ” “ Now you ’ re orrying me, ” Mama says.

I don ’ t necessaril know her name.Except I do.Lenora May. May to her riends.

Always Lenora May. But Sterling knows: this is onl her mothe.

Heath was struggling with the same stuf she was, the loss of a boyfriend, and he understanding that nobody believes him.And now they ’ re in the same boat, and as sassy as Heath is, as much of a brief history they ’ ve had together, there are more important things at hand right now, like how to bring her so back.

But I forgo what Heath said about hope.

Tell people that swamps are a dangerous place, and they ’ ll make you a “ No shit, Sherlock, ” stare.

But they don ’ t now about the swamps behind Sticks, Louisiana.

I love quirk, small Southern town atmosphere, and his book bsolutely delivers.

It is filled with local legends, lore, creepiness on its own.This is a dead-end small town in which anyone with aspirations for a better life needs to bring the uck out.

Mov it all behind.The swamp itself is a terrible thing, filled with creatures like the one that wears Phin ’ s fles.

He reaches with webbed hands, each finger tipped with a sharp, black claw.Not my brother, I feel, a trick.

I totally loved Sterling.

Trigger arning: the main haracter has an eating disorder, brought on by the stress of her beloved brother leaving.

irst time she sked me about this, I ’ d tried and ailed to prov that it wasn ’ t about anting to be thin; I couldn ’ t thinkin of food when the threat of losing Phin to college was so near.

I fee th aspect of her character was adequately done.I like the reason that Sterling is a devoted daughte.

She really loves her daughter.

Sterling and Heath have a small romantic past, but they are above all else, friends and allies.

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