Beyond Eden

Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in web of ove, tendernes and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he wants more than anything-his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined, he waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton makes the painful decision to abandon her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Ten months earlier, with her life in shambles, she escapes. When Paul 's waiting arms are n't available, Eve falls for Danny 's charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Former college ootball star Paul Mattling is now a successful ttorney with a bright future ahead of him. But behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of thi forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?

Reader Advisory: Not for the faint of heart, the pain in this tory is vivid and real, the emotions even more so. Haunting and poignant, Beyond Eden presents a darker side of BDSM. You might gasp. You ight cry. You shoul find yourself reading it gain and again.
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Beyond Eden
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Published September 8th 2010 by Ellora's Cave

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rated it

It is here that we meet and learn that all long Danny Boy had been in love with Evie too but stepped aside so his best friend Paul could date her.

oon the three are together and what is ensues is a steamy, high angst, twisted, loving story.There were times in he tal that I felt-

rated it

Danny who retired as a pro-dom is in a rut he is losing his best friend and lover and slave when Paul gets married in a store he sees Eve after ten years and nvites her to dinner.

I also sai that Eve got to see just how much Danny loved Paul and that he did what he ad to do in order to keep Paul safe because he would let other abuse him.

That is my favourit memoi I though all the heartbrea that Danny and Eve felt when they left Paul when they returne to NYC.

rated it

4/2016 ReReadStill ★★★★★~ 5 Stars~ April 2016 ReRead~ Probably my favorite m/m/f menage story ~It 's been five ears since I read th firs and I also reread Finding Eden and read newly released Claiming Eden which were prequels to Beyond Eden and I 'd otherwis forgotten quite a bit or Kele rewrote/added content now that she ha n't under the Ellora 's Cave content constraints~ whatever, it was like reading it for he fourth time all over again.

his is such a exy story and all three characters have their individual relationships with each other and then as a whole, a triad.This was one of my avorite reads in the Ellora 's Cave version back in 2011 and a comfort read again in 2016.

I iked Finding Eden but I prefer mmf menage over just mm and BE still knocks me over after my original reading back in March 2011.

The is my Number# 1 book that I ead in 2011.

rated it

It should lso be fair to say that I found it a little bit disturbing -- but not in thi way that urned me off and I ould be willing to admit it turned me on.I shelved this book as " smut not fluffy ", because despite the fun looking cover, there was a lot of dark stuf going on in his novel.

I elt it wa a little bit of a Megan Hart kind of vibe to it.If you re a fan of BDSM and like menage reads, then you should check this out.

I am looking forward to what she has in store for the future.✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like tha type of nove, you could enjoy one of these groups.

rated it

he words wow, wonderful, and beautiful pretty much summarizes my feelings after finishing Beyond Eden by Kele Moon.

Kele Moone definitely knows how to write novels that will pul readers through tears -- and I totall love hat.

I ca n't remembe enough how marvelous this book ha to me because of how he author has ruly captured the ssence of her characters through the raw attachments, and thi lovin between the three.

It ventually ame to and end when I realised that Paul, Eve, and Danny all belong with one another.

rated it

It ’ s 2013 for goodness sake it seems about time to know that men aren ’ t the only ones who enjoy sex, and who might actually enjoy more than just plain old vanilla sex either.

rated it

Paul and Eve fell in love at a young age but drifted apart when she went to New York to attend art school and pursue a career.

Danny and Paul are best friends and currently live together.

So only is Paul a PAIN SLUT Submissive, but his Dom is his best friend Danny!!!

Danny BoyDanny has always loved Evie from the sidelines.

And he is ow free to make his feelings known, and pursue th relationship with her.Though Evie loves Danny as a lover and is sexually attracted to him, she is reluctant to enter into a elationship with her ex over 's best friend.

" You know me to cut the bullshit? " " Yes, " Eve said, her voice weak and breathy sounding ... " " I believe to fucking drown myself in you, " Danny rasped against her ear.

Danny loves Evie so much, that he tries to forgiv his secret relationship with Paul.

Paul is afraid of losing Danny to Evie, even though he is engaged to marry Trish.

Paul is also fiercely protective of Evie and warned Danny not to ever hurt her.

Very few riters have the bility to rite a menage where the love between ll characters feels genuine.

rated it

I writ about halfway, so I feel that 's enough to justify a rating and review, especially considering my problems with the book.Ten years ago, artist Eve Everton left Tampa and her fianc Paul Mattling behind to attend art school in New York.

Realizing that he and Paul not only keep in touch but live together, she ccepts his invite to come over that night and catch up on lost time.Although she never stopped loving Paul, and yet had a tendre for Danny, much has changed in ten days.

You have Danny 's struggle with his love for Paul being tossed in his face and outright rejected.

There 's a lot of drama to work with here and a great remise for a memorable menage story that 's les than just feminine fantasy.Unfortunately, there 's mall problem- I woul n't seem to take a damn about any of this.Now, why was that, you decide.

I was on the novelis 's prescribed ride, and please keep your arms inside the vehicle.I resent being led through a novel by the nose.Constantly throughout the novel, another author plainly tells rather than shows: He needed the punishment of working out until his muscles burned in agony.

Why not show me Paul working out compulsively rather than alluding to his workouts and plainly spelling out the symbolism for me “ I ’ m saying, ” he whispered frantically, trying to fight down the deep-seated instinct in him that made him hard and desperate when a oman he anted as badly as Eve was that domineering and angry at him.

Yes, I got it the first te times you alluded to his " pain fetish. " You do n't have to keep bludgeoning me with it.Paul stared at Danny in horror, trying to emphasiz that saying Paul looked sexy was not something typical between two male friends.No shit?

She kept referring to Paul 's " pain fetish " ( and man did she over- and misuse the word " fetish " as well) but I was at the halfway point and maybe a half-dozen sex scenes in and had yet to see any pain play.

She reminded me via Danny that Paul liked pain so excessively that he did n't trust Paul with any top other than himself, but I alway got to see Danny whipping, caning or otherwise beating Paul.

I do n't xpect a full-on scene negotiation, but chiding someone for asking about boundaries is n't sexy to me.

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