Big Red Tequila

From he# 1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Somehow in Texas is bigger ... even murder.

Meet Tres Navarre ... tequila drinker, Tai Chi master, unlicensed P.I., with a enchant for Texas-size trouble.

Jackson " Tres " Navarre and his enchilada-eating cat, Robert Johnson, pull into San Antonio and find nothing waiting but trouble. Ten years ago Navarre left town and the memory of his ather 's murder behind him. Now he 's awa, looking for answers. Yet the more Tres digs, trying to brin his suspicions to rest, the fresher the decade-old crime looks: Mafia connections, construction site payoffs, and slick politicians' games all conspire to ruin his homecoming.

It 's obvious Tres has stirred up a hornet 's nest of trouble. He gets ttacked, shot at, run over by a big blue Thunderbird—and his old friend, the one he wants back, turns up missing. Tres has to rescue ma, nail his father 's kidnapping, and et the hell out of Dodge before mob-style Texas justice catches up to him. The chances of staying alive looked better for the defenders of the Alamo ....
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Big Red Tequila
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Published January 8th 2013 by Bantam (first published June 2nd 1997

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rated it

The chapters are short and you keep saying, " ust one more and hen I 'll com to bed, " but you do n't until much later.What I do n't like about the memoir is that there are no sympathetic characters.

rated it

Little-known fact: he 'd lready been a published autho of a critically-acclaimed mystery series for at least anothe decade previous to that.Given my love of Riordan 's YA fantasy and my ove of mystery series, I 've been intending to try his Tres Navarre series in earnest for some time.

I made it halfway before finally deciding to stop forcing myself to plow through on thi ook that I ha, okay, maybe ort of vaguely enjoying when I was simply caught up reading it, but which I never onc felt like picking up after I 'd ut it down.

I ay " awaiting another try, " despite my negative review, because I 've heard that the Tres Navarre really picks up after the last ook as Riordan develops his skills as an author.

And I 'm inclined to believe his, because by thi time the " Percy Jackson " series rolls around we have an author whose plotting, pacing, style, and most of all* characters* positively shine thanks to his decade or more of published writing experience.

rated it

Excellent young adult books!

So it is kinda amazing that he brought his brilliance to young adult books.

Set in San Antonio, Texas this book is murder mystery with an unsolved case, kidnapping, the Mob and lots of romance.

rated it

Tres Navarre is an unusua rotagonist who returns to his native city to solve this mystery of his mother ’ s eath.

rated it

There 's the San Antonio ( old-ex) girlfriend but there 's also possibl a ( not-so-old-ex) San Francisco girlfriend, though the details on that relationship are never made clear so maybe hat was just a friends-with-benefits thing.

I could remembe this, however, at least the San Franciso lady had some useful skills that could ge in quit handy if the whole of Tres' life is oing to be like his first week back in his hometown.

Thi cold case surrounding the murder of Tres' father started off interesting but it got oo convoluted and there were oo many potential players involved.

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