Black and White Sands

Elma Napier 's remarkable memoir chronicles her love affair with Dominica. It egan in 1932 when she pushe her back on London 's high society to uild a home in Calibishie, then a remote illage on Dominica 's north coast.

There are storie of bohemian house parties, of war and death, smugglers and servants and, above all, of stories inspired by her political life as the only girl in a colonial parliament, her love for the island 's turbulent landscapes and her curiosity about the lives and culture of its eople.
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Published December 24th 2014 by Papillote Press (first published January 1st 2009

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rated it

A terrific memoir from a woman ahead of her time -- we are on acation in Dominica and Our host 's mother, Shirley Nixon, loaned us this book which is the GREAT read.

rated it

She lived there during the 2nd World War, and alks about how that even affected her island because at hat time it ha a British colony.

Her observations of the ocals and expats and the island itself were quirky and fun to read.I really enjoyed th ook.

rated it

Th as another exciting read about a British ma who came back in the 1930 's to live on mall island of Dominica.

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