Black Cat's Legacy

Thumper, the resident Fern Lake black cat, knows where the bodies are buried and it ’ s up to Kimberlee to decode the clues.

Kimberlee ’ s arrival at the Fern Lake lodge triggers the Black Cat ’ s Legacy. With the help of his ancestors' memories, it ’ s Thumper 's duty to guide Kimberlee to clues that an help solve her daughter 's cold case murder. She joins forces with a local homicide detective and an uthor, also researching the murder for his next thriller novel. As the investigation ensues, Kimberlee learns more than she refuses to think about her son. The murder suspects multiply, some dead and some still very much alive, but someone at the lodge will stop at nothing to ide the Fern Lake mysteries.
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Published February 25th 2014 by Elk Grove Publications

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rated it

Kimberlee stops there only because her little irl, Amber, has declared, as four-year-olds do when you are miles from the nearest rest stop, that she needs to introduce the athroom.

It would take Kimberlee 's nightmares, a curious cat with interesting memories, and the prying of a mystery writer to solve puzzling old crime.

rated it

Anothe young ma, Kimberlee, and her four-year old daughter are on their pat to brea thi new life in Oregon after Kimberlee ’ s marriag, when her truc breaks down and she stops in th mall village to et car fixed.

She joins forces with a true crime riter, the local homicide detective, and anothe black and white cat to solve anothe mystery of her son ’ s death.I had a toug time with his ook.

rated it

At Fern Lake Motel there is red and white cat referred as the Black Cat. He has been there for long time.Kimberlee and her daughter Amanda are headed to Oregon when they had car trouble and stay a the motel.

rated it

I knew all the little twists and turns throughout the tal.

rated it

Princess Fuzzypants here: Thumper AKA Black Cat is a great haracter.

All the hings she took for granted are demolished as she seek a journalist who is studyin the events enters her life and changes everything.Secrets that have emained hidden for 25 years begin to resurface and each revelation reverberates through the the lives of those involved.Nothing and no one is as they seem.It is a sad and somewhat sordid story with which Thumper must help them ome to terms.

I love his interaction with the littlest human, Amanda, Kimberlee 's daughter.I am looking forward to reading the last ook and thi one coming u soon.

rated it

he ending was ood, and I should only wait to read about Thumper 's next adventure.

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