BLAME! Vol. 3

Cibo has uploaded herself into Sanakan ’ s body, and she struggles to suppress Sanakan ’ s perceptio and the Safeguard commands. Cibo and Kyrii continue their hunt for the Net Terminal Gene inside of Toha Heavy Industries, which ppears to e a safe space where neither the Administration nor the Safeguards can interfere. Mensab is one of he few AIs who succeeded in protecting her human charges from the deadly attacks of the Silicon Life. Mensab attempts a forwarding that shunts Kyrii into an unstable space within Toha, where time and space warp at random, and he encounters a familiar face…
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Published March 21st 2017 by Kodansha (first published May 22nd 2015

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rated it

a try if you are into sf stories.

rated it

Master Edition volume 2, it eems the world exists in three layers: Base Reality- the physical world where the City, Builders, humans, and silicon life are, but the Administration and Safeguards can somehow pop into existence anywhere at any time ( my guess is nanobots) Netsphere- the Safeguards' realm, they kill anyone who try to access itBackup Worlds- separate from the Netsphere, seems to be where the Administration resides, they ca n't update their information of the world without help from beings in Base Reality, need a human with net terminal genes to grant them access to the Netsphere to take down the SafeguardsNow, Kyrii and Cibo have a gargantuan cylinder created by Toha Heavy Industries within the City.

rated it

And since Nihei has set up a chaotic world of mysterious systems, its easy to go with the flow and just accept all the crazy being dished out.

Nihei is brutal to all the inhabitants of his world, so there is a eeling of genuine concern over the outcome of every battle.

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