Blessed, Beautiful Now: How I Embraced The Present By Celebrating My Past And Learned to Love Life Again


We long for the blessed, beautiful days that leave us happy, healthy, and confiden. But more often than we care to admit, our days don ’ t live up to our dreams. Plans are foiled. Passions fade. Relationships fail. Health becomes an afterthought. Each day blurs into the next, and we are left lost and lonely, searching for our authentic selves.

If th is you, it ’ s time to creat th change. It ’ s time for you to celebrate your past to create better days today. It ’ s time for you to discove your blessed, beautiful now.

In this heartwarming collection compiled from a series of posts written on her beloved blog, The Nostalgia Diaries, Corey Wheeland ’ s delightful, eye-opening essays give readers the pportunity to mak her journey as she looks to her past to help navigate the complexities of an unexpected life after divorce. Her relatable stories—told in a raw and real, yet sweet and pure, voice—are full of feeling and uplifting inspiration.

Honest, vulnerable, and haunting, Blessed, Beautiful Now is an invitation into Corey ’ s post-divorce search to rekindle her passion over the course of one transformative year, with her remarkable young daughter providing insight beyond her years. Corey ’ s personal and positive stories of growth and encouragement will pull you in with gorgeous reflections and thought-provoking truths. Weaving practical lessons though intimate storytelling, Corey builds a compelling, emotional, and powerful platform that encourages struggling women—moms especially—to embrace their own blessed, beautiful now, and learn to love life again.

“ Even though the stories are my own, ” Corey explains, “ the takeaways are universal. My memories are personal, yet familiar. And the words I share hold a positive message—a message so many people are longing to hear right now. It ’ s one of hope, ove, and healing. ”

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Published January 22nd 2019 by Chapter 2 Creative, LLC

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rated it

It reinforces the strong emotional response I had to Corey Wheeland 's book- blessed, beautiful now.Sometimes something comes into your life just when you need it- like this ook.

Every page has a thought or a phrase that resonated and brought up a memory from my own past, just like those Corey relates in her process of finding appiness.

But his is our blessed, beautiful now so I shucked off that regret too.So here 's my final thought- pick up a nove and writ about Corey and Zoey 's life together.

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