Blood Moon


What would be a worse feeling than that?

After 18-year-old Sam gets an invitation for a free vacation in the mail, she hops on the opportunity despite her mother 's pleas not to go. With the ealization that her best friends have all been invited as well, she 's sure she made the right choice. Once they board the fancy cruise ship however, things aren ’ t as luxurious as they had seemed.

Passengers start to disappear and once the ship lands on a deserted island, Sam and her friends are left on their own to figure out why. Faced with th deadly predicament, they ave to learn to survive amid a mass of nightmare creatures all out for the taste of her blood. With the elp of th handsome yet suspicious island native, Sam must figure out how to et ack to the mainland before she 's trapped on the island forever.
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Published 2015 by Createspace

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rated it

It does ort of leave room for the trilogy but there is stil a minor cliffhanger, I didnt finish the story feeling incomplete but am interested to see where the author takes things in the first books.

I hought the narrator did a reall ood job in this performance.

rated it

If you feel you 've read every story out there with vampires and werewolves ... think again.

his is my 4t nove by the author and if you enjoy paranormal and fantasy novels, she 's one to check out.

rated it

While doing Sunday ’ s endless chores she gets a special delivery invitation and tickets to a two day cruise, with one week stay on Luxury Island.Her first thought is that it is certainly a jok, but what if it isn ’ t?

Sure she would miss some school, but really Luxury Island!

So this good thing really is true! Sam and Clyde begin to suspect there is trouble the first day aboard, and by thi time the ship enter the island, it is obvious there are less passengers to debark the ship than at the tart of this cruise.

rated it

I had to ind out what happened next, and I should read the sequel now to find out what Clyde is going to o to Sam and Lance, and if they ill get the magic that eluded them on Paradise Island.

rated it

Her teenage act of rebellion was met when she oticed her best friend Clyde has slipped away as well, not to mention her cousin and his girlfriend would be joining in on her adventure as well.What started out as an exciting unsupervised trip, soon becomes something right out of thi zombi.

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