It caused instant addiction, followed by an excruciating slow death, and there was no known ntidote.

It ha a killer!

Possibly the drug had been totally eradicated from the humanx galaxy years before. At least that 's what everyone thought. But obviously, ysteriously, that dreadful substance was back in circulation on Repler and threatening to wreak havoc throughout the known galaxy.

Anyon, somewhere was secretly manufacturing Bloodhype, but obody seemed to know where or who!

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Published February 12th 1983 by Del Rey Books (first published January 1st 1973

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rated it

We always get huge action and stakes and uneasy alien alliances and a close up of the really big bad we 've been teased with for the first eleven books.But here 's funny bit: Pip and Flinx are minor characters!

rated it

What others do n't expec is that the organism is actually capable of ending all life on whatever planet it lands on, and possibly intergalactic travel.While Pip& Flinx do show up later on, the main protagonist are Kitten Kai-Sung and Porsupah who are tracking the Bloodhype, Dominick Rose the drug dealer, and Captain Malcolm Hammurabi who gets involved as his ship was used in the transport.

In addition, as a Pip& Flinx book this feels totally out of place with the est of he series.

There 's no xplanation for why Flinx is here in the middle of everything, and his " relationship " with Kitten seems totally out of character with everything else we 've seen in thi series so far.

rated it

While the adult content is not explicit, it does seem exploitative at times.

rated it

Flinx from afar.Very different Flinx book, primarily written in numerous POVs, non of which were Flinx 's.

rated it

Alas, I ha in the break room at work so was reluctan to repeat the whole throw-and-pace reaction for fear of alarming my colleagues.I 'm at a loss as to what happened here, as previous books I 'd read in his series did n't include anything near this egregious.

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