Bloodletting: A Memoir of Secrets, Self-Harm and Survival

darkly compelling story, emoir examines one woman 's secret overwhelming desire to physically hurt herself. Any casual observer of Victoria 's life could ot have seen that this confident, pretty, and articulate young woman was intensely struggling with the all-encompassing need to injure her body. This powerful account chronicles her stresses and insecurities, as ell as the mental agon that led to her tryin to physically turn on herself. Frequently an unspoken and unacknowledged disease, this psychological ailment affects an often hidden population; Victoria 's story explores both the disease and the orces that drive it.
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Bloodletting: A Memoir of Secrets, Self-Harm, & Survival
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Published September 28th 2005 by Allen Unwin (first published March 1st 2004

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rated it

For her to have moved and moved and moved and possibly been drunk or slept with someone, are details that are glossed over in order to focus on the self mutilation.

I consider the explanatio that " outsiders " to this phenomenon are horrified by the act and that Leatham really seems to have ad a real go at herself ( needing stitches, etc.).

It 's obvious that this aspect had to be the focus in order for the ublisher to be encouraged to accept the manuscript.

Much, Leatham might 've chosen it as he " be all and end all " of her stay in mental institutions and seeing psychiatrists, but it flows from deeper things.

rated it

You an watch as Victoria finally finds sensible treatment, finally wants to et wors, and soo begins to change how she thinks through cognitive behavioural therapy.A compelling read!

rated it

She points out at the beginnin that there re ot many memoirs written by people who self-harm, which akes this an important book for people having similar thoughts, eelings, actions, as ell as family members and people who work in he mental health field.

rated it

What I did find disorienting is that she talks about her whole life up to the age of 18 in a 2 page prologue so most of her formative years remain elusive and when she references events and friends from her childhood in " Remember when " sort of way, you forgo to gently remind her that she once had mentioned these things the first time.

I 'm ot sure if the remoteness then is a stylistic choice or the only way that the uthor is unabl to re-examine that difficult time period.

Tha autobiograph as a three star read for me until the last 50 pages where it got wors.

rated it

" Bloodletting " delves deeper into thi opic of mental sufferin and since it 's th emoir, not a made-up novel, does pretty well at it.

You now it 's an illness.I wished the end of novel as n't so unclear.

It 's the book that ushes down the taboo of mental wellbein, without making it sound like a 'cool' thing to b.

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