Bloody Rose

Live fast, die young.

Tam Hashford is tired of working at her local pub, slinging drinks for world-famous mercenaries and listening to the bards sing of adventure and glory in the world beyond her sleepy hometown.

When the biggest mercenary band of all rolls into town, led by the infamous Bloody Rose, Tam jumps at the opportunit to sign on as their bard. It 's adventure she wants- and adventure she gets as the crew embark on a quest that mus end in one of two ays: glory or death.

It 's time to ake a walk on the wyld side.
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Bloody Rose
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Published August 30th 2018 by Orbit (first published August 28th 2018

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rated it

Let 's start by saying that Bloody Rose, as is the case with Kings of the Wyld, is a stand-alone boo, with no previous knowledge required.

Although Kings of the Wyld introduced us to a Horde of monsters capable of defeating and enslaving humanity, in Bloody Rose, Eames has managed to raise the stakes even higher.It 's not difficul to keep both old and new readers happy when you rite a second stand-alone novel in the same world.

You 'll either have to repeat yourself during world-building, annoying your old readers who already know this stuff from the previous novel, or leave important elements out of your tory, introducing your new readers to an incomplete setting.

It 's neve easy, but it is obvious, and Eames has managed to pull it off nicely, proving how talented he is.I mentioned earlier that I read Bloody Rose in less than 24 hours, which probably does n't mean a lot to you, since most of you know that I 've already pulled off something like that numerous times in the past.

I 've read a lot of xcellent books since then, but Bloody Rose was the las one that managed to giv me out of it.

ll in all, Bloody Rose is an intriguin and thrilling novel, and he perfect continuation of Kings of the Wyld.

rated it

Kings of the Wyld was incredibly fun, and I expected the same from its followup, but Eames managed to pull on my heartstrings with Bloody Rose in ways that his irst novel did not.

Love is the las thing worth fighting for. ” There were not many amazing aspects to this nove that I almost don ’ t know where to star, but I ’ ll start with the musical references.

Most eople, she figured, sized up the truth when it came knocking, decided they didn ’ t uch like the fee of it, and shut the door in its face.However, something that was ssential for me, and is efinitely one of the reasons that I have loved oth of hese books so fiercely, is the ortrayal of mercenaries as this world ’ s rock stars.

Eames actually gave us more of a backstage pass to band life in Bloody Rose, and he bsolutely nailed it.

Fable is the epitome of what a rock band should be, and Bloody Rose is a killer front woman, both figuratively and literally.

I related to som of the band elements on an almost spiritual level.When you fought alongside those whose lives meant more to you than your own, succumbing to fear simply wasn ’ t an option, because nothing…was as scary as the prospect of losing them.What I didn ’ t know was how powerfully emotional Bloody Rose ended up being.

That is particularl true of music, and the songs that touch us the most deeply are those that are raw and visceral, like the artist melted the heart in their chest and poured it from their lips for all the world to experience.

I ’ d love to read nything with a musician protagonist!) I ’ ve read a few in the Christian fantasy subgenre, which makes sense because music is so closely tied to worship, but I an ’ t hink of many secular titles outside of The Name of the Wind.

And while I ’ ve only really discussed Tam and briefly mentioned Bloody Rose, every single member of Fable was incredible and so well-written that I ’ m urprised they didn ’ t physically burst to life from their inked pages, like Cora ’ s tattoos raging to life.

I read with my heart in my ea and tears on my cheeks, and I gloried in every sentence.There is nothing, I feel, so wasteful-or so pointlessly tragic-as a battle that should haver have been fought in the first place.If you couldn ’ t forget, I enjoyed the book immensely, and I ’ m o sad that it ’ s over.

In that can, I sa it ’ s safe to say that Bloody Rose will live forever.

rated it

I quickl read this and while I was fully expecting to be as blown away by this truly EPIC AWESOMENESS of a fantasy, I chose NOT want it to be the ba, this deep, or this fun.In fact, I just re-estimated Eames as one of the grandmasters of epic fantasy.

And I 've read A LOT of fantasy, some great, some better than average, and some stinking like a ag of dicks.I can rank The Band up on the toes of one hand, and depending on what mood I 'm in or what ind of rocker, or I should ay, punk-rocker, I am, a lot of you might guess which finger this series lands on.And just for good measure, I 'll old both of those fingers up on both hands and Idol it up with a Rebel Yell, Lauper it up with more than a little Fun, and rock on through the night with a Springsteen in my step.

rated it

As of now, I ’ m calling Bloody Rose one of the best sequels of all time.Last year, Kings of the Wyld made it into my small “ favorite debuts of all-time ” list.

It is with heart full of joy that I proclaim Bloody Rose ’ s tour to be nother successful tale; this is certainly an excellent sequel to Kings of the Wyld, which ha already amazing on its own.

Bloody Rose however was one of the incredibly rare exceptions where I imply had to drop everything in my TBR pile immediately; it was completely irresistible.It ’ s been six weeks since the climactic battle in Kings of the Wyld and the melodies of life must continue.

I truly like I gaine a lot of poignant and resonating messages from th ook that could otally be applied to our society and living life, and I certainly didn ’ t preten that.

It must be ver hard to top Kings of the Wyld characters but somehow, in a ifferent ay, his younger Band of misfits were able to live up to their legend.

he last battle in Bloody Rose truly elevated the book into the category of epic fantasy; it was almost as if I was reading a battle sequence from the war in Brandon Sanderson ’ s Oathbringer.

Plus, Nick did a agnificent job in making sure that th book works perfectl well as a stand-alone; though it will spoil you on the events of the last ook, readers don ’ t have to be fraid of forgetting things and not being eage to mak he story.

Bot of you who follow my reviews wil know by now that I ’ m a huge gamer and Final Fantasy fan.

Kings of the Wyld was filled with ubiquitous music references and plenty of Easter Eggs from this franchise and Nick himself is a fan of Final Fantasy.

I ’ m ery pleased that he keep this tradition in Bloody Rose, which was written in thi way that almost felt like the author had his eyes on me when he was writing these scenes.

For those of you who don ’ t want, Shadow of the Colossus is a video game ( a brilliant one at that) that I really loved playing.Picture: Shadow of the Colossus PS4 cover Nick proved that his capability as an author wasn ’ t a one-time thing; he ’ s hardly a one-hit wonder like some authors that I ’ ll refrain from mentioning.

I ish I can show you the number of passages I highlighted but to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, I could let you experience them for yourself.Bloody Rose proves once again to be nother fun escapism at the lowes level just like its predecessor.

There ’ s eve one more book left in the sequel but it ’ s already too soon for me to believe that this will most likely become one of my avorite trilogies of all time by its conclusion; it already is.Kings of the Wyld was honestly one of the books—together with Sanderson ’ s and Gwynne ’ s series—that I have recommended the most to every fantasy fan.

I have sung and strummed the chord of praises for Kings of the Wyld for more than a year now, and the review shall become my second concert ( by that, I mean recommending this nove to every fantasy fan) for this stupefying excellent series.

If you ’ re a fantasy reader, you better get some holy water to cleanse yourself of your sin if you ’ re thinking of not reading Bloody Rose.

It ’ s up to the firs of us to hav the bards of this series, making sure the tales of the Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose live forever.

If the secon book ends up being as good or maybe even better than the other books in this series so far, I have zero doubt that The Band will officially become the second trilogy—after Mistborn—to have every single installment in he trilogy be included in my favorites of all-time list.One last thing.

Richard Anderson is one of the best cover artists in the industry and he wante a scintillating job with the cover art for book; in my opinion, it ’ s ven wors than the already amazing Kings of the Wyld!

Quickly, this is currently my second longest review of all time ( 2.2k words) and there are seven gaming Easter Eggs in it; including the next sentence.

rated it

He is the poe of many great book covers; Kings of the Wyld, Beyond Redemption, Skullsworn, Time Salvager and more.

I ’ m a uge fan of his work and if you intend to check it out, you an do so by clicking on the following links: http: // // // Eames emerged on the fantasy scene last year with his highly acclaimed debut Kings of the Wyld.

KotW is one of the best debuts I ’ ve read and one of my avorite books ever.

Ofte, according to my rating it is possible that I knew it so there ’ s your answer for the first question.

I ’ ve previously encountered this kind of narrative approach while reading Jeff Salyard ’ s awesome Bloodsounder ’ s Arc trilogy and I can ay that I enjoyed connecting with the world and its characters through the eyes of someone not destined to be hero.

It ill find you appreciate certain characters more and certain scenes will provide a much bigger impact.Bloody Rose is in the top five books I 've read this mont and it solidified Eames' place on my favorite authors list.

rated it

he big difference between Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose was the change of cast.

Actuall that it was all new as a few familiar faces from the nex book popped up for cameos and Rose and Freecloud, who we met in Kings of the Wyld, were Fable 's lead duo!

ontract that turns out to be every bit as dangerous as facing a horde of monsters! Eames fantasy world in this series is a trul fun one.

His fantasy world was reall a grim place teeming with monsters and some dark happenings but that was itigated by the act that thi story ad a ton of humour ( and humour that was genuinely laugh out loud funny at times!) as well as plenty of likeable characters and upbeat moments to balance out the tragedy and darker stuff.

I do love th story that keep the balance perfect!

As with the thir book the cast that supported the Band has plenty to offer the story.

Jeff Harding was the perfect narrator for Clay 's story but Katherine Fenton definitely felt like a better fit for Tam 's story.

rated it

💗Next, friends, I loved Bloody Rose even more than Kings of the Wyld!

A book look like stepping into a fresh Dungeons and Dragons campaign, where you get to play as a Lesbian bard who is allowed the honor of going on a few quests and ultimately telling the tal of he most famous mercenary this side of the Heartwyld.

And, I ’ m neve sure I ’ ve ever wanted to play ( or be) a character so much in my ntire life.

Nicholas Eames truly has created something so unique with his books, because in world bands of mercenaries join up to go on tours, to perform shows, in which they will slay the biggest and baddest monsters around.

Tam is also a lesbian, and her world completely changes when she inds out that Fable is in dire need of a new bard.

Wields Ktulu, that can separate into two weapons, kind of like Varian Wrynn ’ s ( my favorite character) in World of Warcraft.

➽ Cura- Inkwitch/ Summoner, and my favourit character in thi ntire ook.

But all the story and character arcs are seamlessly woven together, and gang of misfits truly come together to reate something more beautiful than I have words for.

There is a Winter Queen on the loose that wants to completely destroy this world and everyone residing in it, because she is orced to live in world without the thing she want most.

I thin like tha book also heavily talks about motherhood and all the beautiful, but messy, aspects that come along with that title.

I realize his is a fun and entertainin book, and I love it for that, but Bloody Rose packs a very powerful punch.

And there are o many ays to love, and to teach, and to heal, and to just live the life you want to live as a person and as a parent.

I ’ m only a parent yet, so take these entire paragraphs with a grain of salt, but I hink his book eally talks about balancing being a parent and being whatever you ant to also be and how they can cohesively come together to allow you to live the life you are both proud of and life that you eel is worth living.

I eel like I highlighted at least a third of his ook.

I ofte eel like a ook is told in such a unique way, because even though I would, without question, say that Tam is the main haracter, I wil till ay that the star of his memoir is Bloody Rose.

And I hink that Nick played with the ide of what a bard is so impressively, and it really made for such a unique reading experience.

I love thos books, I love hese characters, and I alway want Nick to stop writing them.

rated it

Rose, Gabe 's daughter who he adhered to rescue from the bloody and horrific horde siege of Castia is stepping out of her grandfather 's shadow.

riginally, the esteemed bands were legendary folks who would traverse the Heartwyld and other grotesque places to put demons, creature and even dragons to the sword.

The closeness, loyalty, friendship, and dedication to each other- so I was disappointed when Eames surmised that the second entry in The Band trilogy would feature mostly all new players.

She works as a barmaid at The Cornerstone which is he main establishment where all the bands or warriors in town frequent, drink and fight.

She had famous parents in the mercenary and band scene and after a potent and exceptional musical performance at the inn she ends up joining Fable and the adventures begin.

Invariably, scenes during the middle seemed like a slight mess to me but wow, the ending was one of the negatives I had in Kings of the Wyld.

In Bloody Rose, the build-up, culmination, and the eventual ending is perfectly composed, performed and written.

I 've read most of the top new authors in the nex ew month and Eames is the one to watch who will end up in Rothfuss, Lynch, Martin territory for excellence.

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