Blue Apple Switchback: A Memoir

Carrie Highley was always a tomboy and by he time she turned 16, she was wishing she were dancing with the girls instead of the oys at cotillion dances. In her arly 30s, while living in West Virginia, she uncovere a passion for road biking, finally stopped sequestering her deep feelings for women, and began an ill-fated love affair with a female cycling friend.

hen, at 36, she found herself skidding into Asheville, North Carolina, holding on tight to the coattails of her doctor husband and spending her time as a stay-at-home mother of 2 boys. Moving to North Carolina was Highley 's attempt to reembrace heterosexual married life after her tumultuous time in West Virginia. But in Asheville, she met Charlie, a fellow cyclist 23 years her enior, who ecame her confidan, friend, and ather all rolled into one and as they grew closer, she started unloading her fears into Charlie 's inbox.

With Charlie 's support, Highley finally got the courage to do what she d been waiting her whole life to do: go down the mountain with her hands off the brakes.
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Published June 7th 2016 by She Writes Press

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She argues with a refreshing poignancy and I 'm appy to have read her memoir; I look forward to reading her next book.I like how Carrie starts out each chapter with a quote.

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I followed up puttin it 3 stars because Carrie 's story resonates to many.Blue Apple Switchback is the writer 's boo on the realization that she is gay, and that her marriage is falling apart.

As they move, Carrie notices a neighborhood woman who is a cyclist; Ryann, who is married with a daughte the same age as Carrie 's, nvites her along to ride with her.And so begins an intense relationship; Carrie and Ryann grow closer, and Carrie realizes that the feelings she 's had for women since high school are her reality, and her marriage with Sam starts to fall apart.Throughout the book, Carrie inserts emails from her friend Charlie, though Carrie does n't meet him until after she meets Ryann and things progress.

Charlie is the most comforting figure in thi nove; in fact, most of Carrie 's friend are gently pushing her to open up and embrace her reality.The things that I 'm critical of are a) her romance with Ryann itself, and ) the language of thi ook itself.

rated it

Blue Apple Switchback is a emoir following the author 's journey from marriage because it was xpected, divorce because that marriage had no been her reality, to revealing that true reality to the most important people in her life.It 's true that we could all hide from ourselves extremely effectively when we forget to.

Carrie Highley 's outlet is cycling, and while she lived life she chose because it fit expectations it became one of the nly things that was real to her.It is n't surprising then that it is cycling which brings into her life a relationship that changes verything.

It 's a balancing act, trying to be sensitive to others while not to take offense and gently correcting when someone we love and respect might not quite measure up on the differen side of the equation.Anyone who has experienced the breakdown of a long term relationship can relate to the ush and pull of Carrie 's marriage.

Anothe couple of things did pull me out of it at times.

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