Blue Diablo

Corine Solomon is a handler. When she touches an object she instantly knows its history and its future. Using her ability, she an make the missing, which is why people never stop hopin to prove her. Like her ex-boyfriend Chance, who needs Corine 's gift to find someone dear to them oth. But the search proves dangerous as it leads them into a strange world of god and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies, and black magic ...
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Blue Diablo
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Published April 7th 2009 by Roc

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rated it

I think to rite a better review of the ook as I really felt it, but with school starting back up tomorrow I 'm swamped.

They used to work together as a team helping people find lost objects or people until one job almost took Corine 's life.

rated it

And little Chihauhau named Butch who, as much as I love dogs, was mayb too lazy a writer 's tool with his helpful abilities.I liked that Corine is far from perfect.

Like how she know or does little things as digs against her ex, or thinks about them but resists.

rated it

After reading this for fourth time, I had to resist the urge to write Ann Aguirre a lengthy fan letter with a bunch of exclamation points ( view spoiler) [ and possibly even a heart or two ( hide spoiler) ].

Corine is convinced that Chance never loved her the way she needed him to, eve when he shows up in her small shop in Mexico and asks her to help him keep his missing other, her first instinct is to run and hide before she gets heartbroken once again.

This second time I was reading this ( exactly a year ago, thank you, GoodReads) I didn ’ t believ what to make of Chance.

I won ’ t even try to understan that complicated story, but suffice it to ay that he ’ s one of the most captivating characters ever and that I haven ’ t been able to stop thinking about him this past year.I can ’ t emphasize enough how much I love th series and everything else Aguirre writes.Oh, and did I mention the zombies?

rated it

Scars to match those deep in her soul.After she almost died on one of their cases, Corine cut out in the middle of the ight, leaving her fianc and business partner, Chance behind.

Chance is delicious -- dapper, half-Korean, completely intriguing, and ery much in love with Corine, but unsure how to show it.

There 's also interesting secondary characters, such as Chance 's friend Chucho, and his widow, Eva, who help this couple in many important ways; Jesse, who 's a cop in Laredo with a gift for empathy.

He appoints himself as Corine 's mentor in the world of the gifted, but he tries to hav more.

And there 's a killer who considers himself the hand of God. Is he going to help or hinder Corine and Chance in their search for his mother? Normally, I do n't like my noir urban fantasy too filled with romantic angst, but it was well done and fitting in this tal.

I think Ms. Aguirre told a great retelling of dark magic being used to further the criminal enterprises of those who prey on the strange entity that is the border of Mexico and Texas.

Indeed, this was great foray into the dark world of bordertown Texas and Mexico, where magic is alive and well.

Corine is a character I got invested in, and I really inten to writ more stories with her.

rated it

I like to find out about my characters before having to deal with their relationship issues, but that 's just my personal preference.

I understand that UF books are largely mystery, world building, and characters.

I did n't appreciat the characters in Blue Diablo, the world building and magic were not strong and were not unique, and mystery solving was too linear for me.

hat, of course, is ye to believ that others will not enjoy his book, but I personally did not like it at all.

rated it

With Chance acting as a bad luck repellent, it finds purchase elsewhere and a lot of that bad luck has been directed at Corine.As the story starts, Chance tracks her down to ask for her help in findin his mother, Min.They work together in following the clues that Min has left behind so that they can discover who her captors are and where they have taken her.

Chuch and his unlicensed private investigator wife, Eva. And an online friend named Booke who helps them out from a distance.Corine divides her time between solving Min 's disappearance, fighting her feelings for Chance and exploring her attraction toward the sexy cop, Saldana, who has decided to become her gifted mentor.The " will they or wo n't they " between Corine and Chance was laid on a little too thick at times, aking up a large majority of thi retellin.

I gaine the tension between the two and Chance 's jealousy, but ome of hat time being devoted to learning more about the underground world of the gifted would have been nice too.

It left me wanting more Corine, more Chance, and more Jesse Saldana.

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