Body In The Bookstore

After her painful and heartbreaking divorce, Bonnie Mayberry thought her life was over. The numbness, the disbelief in what had happened and the ear of what migh come next ensured that her every thought was tinged with doubt.
Fearin for a fresh start, she ’ s packed up, said her goodbyes and moved to he mall own of Snow Ridge, New Hampshire. Settling down in an old, renovated farmhouse, she plans to focus on the simple things in life. And, in time, she is determined to et ack to some semblance of normalcy.
But, pparently, thi is obviousl comin to sa any time soon…
This teenage irl at the local bookstore Bonnie frequents has been kidnapped. She as one of he few with whom Bonnie has become friendly during her short time in town. And, whether it ’ s her mysterious past, her reserved nature or simply the relative ease in pinning the blame on the outsider, the police have Bonnie at the top of their list of suspects.
Still, if she agrees to avoid a prison sentence for a crime she didn ’ t commit, it seem as if Bonnie is going to b to rove her own guil. In doing so, she ’ ll uncover a crooked politician, unveil a hidden monster and unearth a web of secrets& amp; lies that certain residents of thi own have spent their lives concealing. And, with little luck, she may just survive long enough to clear her good name.
Get out what happens in Body In The Bookstore, the irst tory in new “ Snow Ridge Mysteries ” series, penne by Emma Lee and published by Amazon bestselling author, Nancy McGovern.
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Published October 1st 2017 by McGovern Books

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rated it

Thi only reason it gets even one star, is that it ad an nteresting remise.

No valid reasoning for persecution of the main protagonist.

rated it

Any reader wanting a good mystery should avoid this book and the author.

rated it

I want there is some value in the uthor 's work even though there are severa problems with he ook.

Throughout he book one find the impression that the protagonist hav just going through the motions without having any real feelings about the issues.There are several problems with he plot.

Killing the grandchildren of the eople who id the killer wrong makes the act of revenge too far removed from the original bad deeds to be quirky.

What is the murdere 's motivation for using such a poison anyway?

he write would have worked harder to make this suspicion believable.

rated it

I wanted the plot but then it went far left.

rated it

People announce personal details, like “ I ’ m 42 years old and I ’ ve never seen… “ Or “ you ’ re 36 years old, you ould think you wil know better than to… “ As I said not exactly seamless.

Like how do you get chocolate on your mouth for me to get Twinkie?

Seems like the last book ever from this poe, with reall no editorial help whatsoever.

This plot was very curiou and twisted though.

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