Bodyguard to the Bride

This most beautiful bride he 'd ever seen -- and she belonged to someone else ...

But thi coul n't stop bodyguard Xavier Drake from protecting Zoe Linden with his life. And it ould sav him to focus on the problem at hand -- convincing Zoe to stay with him when she kne he had n't been hired by her missing fianc�. The gunfi re blazing around them assured she 'd remain glued to his side. But it was her unexpected pregnancy that got under this tough guy 's skin and brought out every primal protective instinct.

On the run in her wedding dress, Zoe sensed she could trust the stranger who came to protect her. But neither were prepared for the crises of their unexpected passion under fire ....
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Bodyguard To The Bride (Harlequin Intrigue Series)
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Published September 1st 2008 by Harlequin Intrigue (first published August 21st 2008

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rated it

Xavier Drake pretends to e a bodyguard to Zoe Linden to find out information in order to help his seven year old mother who was murdered.

As this tory progresses Xavier starts having feelings for Zoe, but he loves to redee his niece first and figure out what is oing on, plus there is Zoe about to get married, but he inds out that Zoe did n't eally love Harrison, and that the wedding would have ha a mistake.

rated it

it kinda piss me off how the auther just left thing in the nd of this bestsellin i mean really why did you leave there i ant to say what happens next.

rated it

He hinks Zoe has the answers.

He has to bring her alive to fin the answers to he can save April his niece.

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