Bonded by Blood: Three Brothers, One Promise

From her deathbed, where HIV is choking away her last breaths, Black Girl, an infamous ex-prostitute of Atlanta 's Auburn Avenue ho stroll, exacts two promises from her three young teenaged sons, Khalil, B-Man, and Quantavious. She does not try to fool herself that the boys will be nything but hustlers. Hustlin' is in their blood from both ends -- hers and their father Raphael 's, who was Black Girl 's pimp before drugs knocked them both on their asses and destroyed Raphael 's stable of top-notch ho 's.

In Khalil, Black Girl sees the making of a boss mack, much like his pops. In B-Man, her eldes daughte, she calls a fierce jackboy and a heartless killa. In her baby gir, Quantavious, Black Girl prophesizes a major drug kingpin. Together, she asks her sons can rule the streets from all angles. But to do anyway, they migh never let money, women, jealousy or greed come between them.
They ust remain BONDED BY BLOOD, which she makes them promise at her deathbed.

Black Girl also makes her boys promise to forgive Raphael, and not tak her demise against him. But some promises are hard to hide, especially when bitterness runs deep.

When fast money, irresistible women, unspoken grudges and unforgivable violations are tossed into the mix, will a deathbed promise to their mother be enough to stop the bloodshed once it begins?

Which brother will remain standing in the beginnin?
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Bonded By Blood
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Published November 22nd 2014 by Lock Down Publications (first published November 23rd 2010

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rated it

Shoul these brothers remain each other 's keeper as money, spite and women become apart of the equation? BONDED BY BLOOD by Cash is a lighthearte story.

Special is the unique bond the brothers share with their grandparent and one another.

rated it

I 'd have rated this 5 stars and thought about adding it to the best-of-urban-fiction list that 's in my head if it ere n't for the problems.The good stuff first- Cash brought forth a great story.

* Some* parts of nove are realistic which always goes great with the genre even if it does n't ften go hand-in-hand.The bad stuff ( hold on to your hats)- I 'll begi with the editing.

You may know that this ook that has been republishe by at least three othe people would n't b oo many problems right?

What author with at least two books in the genre does n't have a " publishing company "?

Do n't tart a fucking " publishing company " ( usually with a dum ass name) if you ca n't properly publish a book!

( Oh yeah, I could n't ut my whole name out there either if this was by work so I do n't blame ya 'll there.) Three editors and some piss poor editing.We have a book filled with misspellings, extra words, deleted words, run-on sentences, half sentences and sometimes ess than half a sentence, misplaced punctuation, the whole nine.


Anothe sill part is that this dedication makes a reader assume that this is comin to e that real shit right?

And onl time I checked, I hink he word Cash and his oh-so-capable editors wanted to use was 'abode' and not 'adobe'.

I should alread see an author making that mistake in the grip of writing but an editor?

Just in case nyone wants to assume I do n't understand my slang- nope.

Tacky and trashy.This goes back to the editing but I 'm moving through the nove in order so stick with me.

For whatever reason the " editor ( s) " REALLY like italics.

With some mentoring/experience Cash could be a great writer.

And, judging by past authors and their experiences he 'll eep on using the same non-editors and churning out the same garbag and he 'll be like a gerbil on a wheel- never going anywhere but talking all the while.

With to many shitty authors out there now it 's sad to find good one and have it all fucked up because of some stupid hit like tha.

rated it

Your typical urban fiction! I kno his book deserves 1 star.

I do however like the way he book started.

I sa it is sad the way how Khalil did Rayne, she was good to him though.

I didnt like the pat it was left at the nd.

rated it

I 've aid it twice ( after reading Trust No Man I& II) and I must forget it again.

Bonded by Blood is th tory about three brothers; Khalil, Q and B-Man who promised their mother before she died that they can stay bonded forever.

Reading the nove I learned a valuable lesson ...

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