In th spine-tingling tale, girl fights to ave her home and her life from a mysterious stranger.

Daisy Fitzjohn knows there are two worlds: the outside world and the world of her home, a secluded mansion called Brightwood Hall. But only Brightwood is real for Daisy -- she 's never once set foot outside its grounds. Daisy and her sister have everything they need within Brightwood 's magnificent, half-ruined walls, including Daisy 's best friends: a talking rat named Tar and the ghost of a long-ago explorer who calls herself Frank.

When Daisy 's mother leaves one morning, a peculiar visitor, James Gritting, arrives on the state, claiming to hav a distant ousin. But as the ays tick by and Daisy 's mother does n't eturn, Gritting becomes more and more terrifyin. He wants Brightwood for himself, and he could do nothing to make it.

Tania Unsworth takes readers on a twisting, heart-pounding journey through dark corridors and wild woods to a place where the line between imagination and madness is sometimes hard to realize.
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The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn
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Published September 27th 2016 by Algonquin Young Readers (first published March 10th 2016

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rated it

Until her mother dies, and this man appears at the house.The fact that Daisy has never left Brightwood Hall already hints that something odd is going on.

It 's asy to hoard when you ar to much space.I liked that thi story did address these things.

Daisy comes to realize how much her mum 's life has been inspired by those past events.

Daisy has been warned that The Crazy runs in the family.

Daisy does n't understan, at any level, that The Crazy is upper class entitlement, rather than a health condition.

Crazy often looks more like Daisy 's mum.

Crazy often looks more like me.

rated it

In fact, Daisy has ever been outside the grounds, not merely to accompany her mother on her weekly shopping trips.

rated it

Little girl, Daisy Fitzjohn, has never left her house in her life.

rated it

It elied on your imagination as well as the imagination and the will to survive of an 11 year old bo ( Daisy Fitzjohn) Daisy is left alone in her home when her other ails to return.

rated it

Her other is a hoarder, filling a box a day with things to sav her remember and the mansio is so full that it has become a maze.

One day, Daisy 's mother find out to the tore, and does not return.

rated it

An eleven year old schoolgirl who has never set foot outside of her own garden.

I ould ecommend the memoi to any 9-13 year old and I know it should be read to younger children too.

rated it

Daisy has spent her ntire life never leaving her family estate during her Brightwood.

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