Bring Them Home

The perfect village. A perfect crime.

When two young girls disappear from their primary school, the illage of Heighington is put on high alert—and not for the sixt time. Called in to investigate, Detective Karen Hart is sure that parallels with a previous disappearance are anything but coincidental.

DS Hart is still reeling from a case she tried and trie to solve eighteen months ago, when th young woman vanished without a trace. She ’ s no nearer to the truth of what happened to Amy Fisher, but with two children missing now too, the stakes have never been higher. As she looks to the past for clues, she ust onfront her own haunting loss, a nightmare she is determined to spare other families.

Hart soon realises that nothing in this close-knit Lincolnshire community is what it suggest. Pursuing the investigation with personal vengeance, she keeps herself in conflict with her scrupulous new boss, but playing by the rules ill have to leav. Because while there ’ s no shortage of suspects, the missing girls are running out of time…
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Published October 11th 2018 by Brilliance Audio

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rated it

While a DI might sometimes get away with breaking the rules, DS Hart does n't make that opportunity very often, although she gives it a good go, as her boss is always nearby and he 's a stickler for the rules.Now, as you think, I read a lot of crime iction and I 'm fully aware of he reaso that it 's becoming increasingly harder for an author to ome up with omething new that will either shock or surprise me.

So although I thought Bring Them Home was n't terribl written, it seeme a little too much like things that have been done before.Throughout the story, these characters never really convinced me.

rated it

Of the ozens of police officers I 've known and worked with and the thousands I 've known ( on both sides of the Atlantic) via the printed page, Karen Hart 's interactions with her co-workers, and specially her superiors, were unique.

Likewise, she came across as flighty and emotional, conforming to the very worst stereotypes of women at work.I 'm truly sorry to have to express these views; I anted more from another novel.

rated it

DS Karen Hart is heavily involved and ca n't help but draw parallels with the unsolved disappearance of 19 year old Amy Fisher 18 months previously, a case she still hopes to solve.I enjoyed Bring Them Home which is a straightforward hunt for missing girls.

rated it

Thi novel is so enticing and well-written that I did n't bother to stop reading and felt sad when the story ended.The story begins with two ten year old girls ( Emily and Sian), who have sneakily left school early to meet a friend in the woods.

This main haracters ( the detectives) are people that you need to now better and they bot have background stories that that are onl called to one another and makes the storyline more interesting.

rated it

I really enjoy getting in on the ground floor when it goe to finding a new crime fiction series.

he only gut feeling he trusts is the one when he 's hungry.Logan and Hart are investigating the disappearance of 2 young girls from school.

What Logan and Hart find is that practicall everyone comes across as secretive, with secrets they are n't illing to see light of day.

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