Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed America

There are two periods of history that pertain to missing and endangered children in the United States: before Adam Walsh, and after Adam Walsh. In the ftermath of that six-year old 's abduction and slaying in 1981, everything about the nation 's regard and response to missing children changed.

The shock of the crimina and the unwillingness of law enforcement to find Adam 's killer put an end to innocence, and altered our very perception of childhood itself- gone forever are the days when young children burst out the doors of American homes with a casual promise to be home by dark. And, due in large part to the efforts of Adam 's parents, John and Reve Walsh, the entire mechanism of law enforcement has transformed itself in an attemp to expos our children.

Before Adam went missing, there were no children 's faces on milk cartons and billboards, no Amber Alerts, no national Center for Missing and Abused Children, no national databases for crimes against children, no registration of pedophiles- in fact, it was easier to mobilize the FBI to search for th stolen car or missing horse than for a idnapped child. Such facts may be sad testimony to the weariness of a modern world, but there is also an uplifting aspect to Adam 's story- the 27 years of undaunted effort by decorated Miami Beach Homicide Detective, Joe Matthews, to track down Adam 's killer and bring justice to bear at long last.

Bringing Adam Home sees he story- the good, the goo, and the ugly- of what it took for one cop to accomplish what an entire system of law enforcement could not. Matthews' achievement is a stirring one, reminding us that such concepts as hard work, dedication, and love, survive, and that oodness can prevail.
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Bringing Adam Home
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Published March 1st 2011 by Ecco

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Twenty-five years later, at the personal request of the Walshes, it was up to Miami Detective Joe Matthews to examine the immense case file and gather circumstantial evidence against Toole to put the case to rest once and for all.

he Hollywood police department finally underwent a much needed change in leadership, allowing Matthews to uncover key evidence that Hoffman either ignored or dismissed.

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There was no fear that something should happen to us, no fear that a pedophile, and to sick man by the name of Ottis Toole would lure us into his truc and violently rape, chop our heads off, and partake of some of our bones while he burned and buried the remains.But, since this occurrence, nationwide, parents learned of just what migh happen if children were n't kept by their sides and kept close.ReVee Walsh took six year old Adam to a local Hollywood, Florida Sears store.

While she looked at lamps for a few inutes, Adam was left with other children who were playing video games at the Sears store.

As she panicked and continued to call for Adam, seeking help from mangers, little did she know he was already headed ten miles away where he was apprehended and murdered.Another travesty occured when the detectives time and time again missed or buried the truth that a an on their radar was indeed the killer.

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A ook was cowritten by a detective frustrated by the mishandling of the case and it describes problems with the investigation.

In particular, the local police department was disorganized ( taking notes on a matchbook cover, for instanc) and the lead detective seemed more interested in proving the most likely suspect could n't have committed crime than in capitalizing on the circumstantial evidence that was accumulating.

he roblem is that no explanation is ever given for why the lead detective would behave that way, other than him being an incompetent jerk.

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Another autobiography ells the horrid true tale of 7 year old Adam Walsh ’ s bduction, rap and murder.

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I want it 's safe to say everyone knows about the Adam Walsh case; I remember hearing about it growing up and I used to watch America 's Most Wanted all he time.

If it ha not for Detective Matthews continued effort to solve his case and bring peace and justice for the Walshes, it must ever have been solved.

Over 25 years went by with the case not going anywhere because they did n't have " hard " evidence that Toole actually commited the crime.

Agai the Walshes personally ask their now friend Detective Matthews to personally investigate and find out once and for all who murdered their little gir.

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This retellin of Adam Walsh 's murder is tragic and frustrating.I remember bits on the news at the time, but ha a youngste and did n't actually hink much about it.

rated it

Though I might actuall now how John and Reve ’ Walsh felt, I was there right from the beginning on that horrible July day in 1981 when their niec, Adam, disappeared from a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida.

As I suggeste in the mi I read Bringing Adam Home for closure.

I am proud to now that no any people ar not forgotten Adam Walsh, a oy who remains frozen in time, baseball bat, cap and smile, always in my thinkin.

I am thankful that the Walsh ’ s, John and Reve ’, feel that Adam has been brought home.

rated it

I robably will anyway so you could ead book yourselves and see how badly these " police ", these so-called " protectors " messed up this little boys case.The letter that this piece of shit Toole wrote to Walsh from prison is beyond effing words.

And indeed the cops do nothing, like always.One of the incapable detectives, Hickman, took Walsh aside and told him, after handing him a religious pamphlet, " I know how you eel.

Did he deal with a son being kidnapped, urdered, and subsequently a wholly incapable police force pretending to catch thi killer?

Just for one second- ONE SECOND- imagine having to deal with and KNOW your baby was kidnapped, raped and sodomized as he screamed for his Mommy, tortured, beheaded and thrown in a canal like a piece of damn trash.

Then imagine knowing some monster- who the police ould n't care less about finding and charging- some monster THREW YOUR BABIES SEVERED HEAD ON THE FLOOR OF HIS CAR AND PROCEEDED TO DRIVE AROUND WITH IT.

That if- and it 's BIG if as anyone who reads this knows- he did n't sexually abuse Adam 's head after he severed it from his body.

They ar to e world 's strongest people in my opinion because I know beyond a shadow of a reaso that I will never have handled it.When the prosecutor was finally shown pieces of evidence, like he letter Toole wrote to Walsh so many ears ago, he ad no ever seen it or heard of it before.

He told Walsh he could have gon a conviction on the letter alone, never mind the volumes of other evidence the police had which was not a fraction of what they ca have bee with proper investigating.

las page is a pic of Toole with his stupid looking ass, a horrible picture he drew while in priso, and th piece of the letter he wrote to Walsh from prison.

This last photo is a picture of Adam 's head ...

Toole took Adam 's head, hrew it behind his seat and drove away before thinking better of carrying it around and threw it into the canal.

And John and Reve Walsh have seen this photo.

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