By Darkness Revealed

Coming of age contemporary fantasy at its best! Ryan Blackwell thought to escape his magic by burying himself in the military college at Northshield, Vermont.

But Northshield University has a secret: a nexus of magical power that people ill kill to possess.

iding his power becomes impossible. Instead, he reveals himself in the idst of a deeper and more dangerous sorcery than he has ever encountered before.

Things spiral out of control, and then only Ryan 's wit, will, and he talent he once attempted to leave behind stand between a nightmarish creature and everything he ares for.

There is les to Ryan than meets the eye. But no with the powers he controls, can he stand against his darkness, or ca it swallow him whole?

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When not practicing hobbies which include sailing, constructing medieval armor, and swinging swords at his friends, Kevin McLaughlin can usually be found in his Boston home. Kevin 's award-winning short fiction is now available in digital form at all major ebook retailers. His debut boo, " By Darkness Revealed ", is an urban fantasy available in paperbac and print, as is the sequel “ Ashes Ascendant ”. His latest effort, the STARSHIP series, is ongoing.

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Published March 23rd 2014 by Role of the Hero Publishing (first published August 6th 2011

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rated it

cadet with a difference.A very good YA story about th young an who happens to a military college against the ill of his niece.

Ryan Blackwell adored his grandfather and had difficultie with his ather as a onsequence.

rated it

For each of us comes a time when we should be more than what we are. ” ― Lloyd Alexander, The Black Cauldron Recruit Ryan Blackwell ’ s daughte was determined that he not follow in his randfather ’ s footsteps, and used his power and lawyerly clout to make sure it didn ’ t remember.

But there wasn ’ t uch he ould do about it when Ryan was recruited to Northshield University – the same military college his grandfather attended – with a full scholarship.

Magical motes, like tiny bits of fairy dust, dive bombing him as he ran through a river, ttempting to stay ahead off the pack of his fellow freshmen out for a grueling PT run.

And when a twisted recruit pulls part of the darkness out of its prison below ground, people continu to die in horrific ways.

And though Ryan is just a freshman with a bit of magic and no training, it appear he is the las one with any ort of knowledge that might trap the darkness back into its prison – and ascertain that the true monstrosity trapped so very long ago isn ’ t released upon the world.

Bria knows he isn ’ t wea, he isn ’ t trained or knowledgeable.

Of course, on a campus where weird things happen, and two or three students a year die under ‘ unusual ’ circumstances, there are those who watch out for someon who appears who seems a bit odd, a bit like they are there for ess than your bog standard military school reasons.

I just felt like something a bit magic, a bit horror, and his is last thing that popped up on my reader that fit the bill.

rated it

Look at blurb; want more, read reviews, actually just go to reading the books.Adventures of the Starship Satori: Omnibus 1 ( Books 1-3) Book 1: Ad Astra Book 2: Stellar Legacy Book 3: Deep Waters ( Starship Satori Omnibus)- Adventures of the Starship Satori: Omnibus 2 ( Books 4-6) ( Starship Satori Omnibus) 1 No Plan Survives Contact 2 Liberty 3 Satori ’ s DestinyBlackwell Magic: Books 1-3 ( Blackwell Magic Omnibus) Book One- 1 By Darkness Revealed 2 Ashes Ascendant 3 Dead In WinterBlackwell Magic: Books 4-6 ( Blackwell Magic Omnibus Book 2)- 4: Claws That Catch 5: Darkness Awakes 6: Spellbinding EntanglementsThe Raven and the Rose: A Blackwell Magic Novella exclusive story not available retail stores set between “ By Darkness Revealed ” and “ Ashes Ascendant ”, offer in back of books of hisKing of the Dead: Heroes, Swords, and Zombies- Queen of Demons: Heroes, Swords, and ZombiesValhalla Online: A LitRPG Saga

rated it

Ryan Blackwell, a Freshman Cadet, has special gift and can see more than the average person.

If you love the supernatural you will efinitely appreciat this ook.

rated it

Okay, I believe, this sounds more like a YA nove, but I took the chance.

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