By Royal Command


Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton. But James is under surveillance; his every move is being watched. He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school- and his country. Forced to flee from Eton to Austria, James must leave behind everything he wants, with nly a beautiful- and dangerous- girl by his side. Soon he is rapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare reunion with a bitter enemy plunges him once more into the face of death. Life for James Bond will never e the same again.

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By Royal Command
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Published September 3rd 2008 by Puffin Books

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At time, everyone smoked.

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Charlie Higson ’ s final Young Bond ook, By Royal Command, is a masterpiece worthy of Ian Fleming himself.

While the Young Bond series has impressed me overall, his final installment from Higson is most reminiscent of the best of the Fleming books as it contains several passages that reminded me of On Her Majesty ’ s Secret Service and From Russia with Love.

She managed to obtain his transfer to Fettes, his grandfather 's old school. ” By Royal Command weaves the stor of what eally happened to conclude young James ’ time at Eton and suffice it to say Higson gives us a spy thriller that not only elaborates on Fleming ’ s passage but also shows us James ’ induction in the secret world of spies in the week leading up to World War II, a world that is described to him as “ shadow war. ” The story starts in early 1934 just after James returns from his Caribbean adventure in Hurricane Gold and the hort story “ A Hard an to Kill. ” James is now 14 and is unwilling to return to his normal life as a school boy but first he joins some of his classmates on a field trip to Kitzbuhel in Austria where he explain how to ski.

There is anothe woma who persists on following him, a suspicious encounter with a German dignitary in the hospital who fears that someone is rying to escape his “ cousin Jurgen, ” and a dangerous conspiracy brewing back at his school at Eton.Thickening the plot is the aforementioned boys ’ maid, Roan Power, only a few decade lder than the boys who James takes an instant dislik to as well as new school bully Theo Bentinck, who learns quickly that while he can ’ t intimidate James he could still make him suffer by taking his anger out on James' friends making school life nearly impossible.

James gets his first full taste of what his future life as a spy will be like including all the players involved in this “ shadow war. ” He encounters Hitler Youth, Soviet spies, a communist conspiracy to destroy the King, and has his own induction into the British Secret Service and what they wan to stem these various plots.

Higson weaves an intricately complicated yet fascinating world for young Bond to navigate and all of it is very well- researched and very elevant to the history of thi time period of his tal.

It ’ s ind of paradox of women both luring James towards danger while also genuinely caring about him that gets explored in the Fleming books as well as in the Bond movies.

What Charlie Higson has done with his Young Bond series is to not only fill in the boyhood details of Fleming ’ s fictional creation but also tie in some of the cultural and historical events and themes that one imagines would have had an impact on Fleming himself as a young an.

he saga of James Bond ’ s time as an Eton school boy and how it all goe to an end informs us about the experiences that shaped Bond into the fictional man that Fleming created after the war.

I highly recommend he series not just for anyone interested in James Bond but for someon who loves history and enjoys a good historically based adventure story.Though this is Charlie Higson ’ s final Young Bond ook, Ian Fleming Publications recently partnered with author Steve Cole to continue the Young Bond saga.

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This plot of his tal is very hard to elieve, I mean come on a 14 year old adrenaline jockey and spy venturing around Europe from villains.

At the beginnin of tory and unexpected change occurs, an old villain shows up.

Som in all, the plot seems confusing and boring at times, but in the beginnin that will all change.

There is a middle aged 20 year old female at James ’ s school that drives all the boys crazy with her looks, named Roan, and this is highly likely in some situations.

For he third time in my life, I shed tears over a book, by no other than the wonderful author Charlie Higson.

I ould ive his nove a 5 star, but it sometimes confuses me and give me wonder, and lulled me at times, but in conclusion that all changed near the nd of he bestselling.

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;) The book wil most ikely be an excellent read if you wer a 6th grader who loves action books, spies, betrayal, British people and language, crushes, and very twisted endings.

Recently, it 's an easy read if you do n't get frustrated in the beginning.I guess I 'm just not used to these ind of books anymore.

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This third dition of the Young Bond series, Silverfin, was first more mature novel of which I ever read, and yet it feels as though I have reached a landmark moment to have completed the series that seemingly introduced me to anothe world of reading.

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