Call Me by Your Name

all Me by Your Name is he retellin of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera. During the restless summer weeks, unrelenting but buried currents of obsession, fascination, and desire intensify their passion as they test the charged ground between them and verge toward the one thing both already fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy. André Aciman 's critically acclaimed debut novel is a frank, unsentimental, heartrending elegy to human passion.
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Call Me By Your Name
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Published January 22nd 2008 by Picador (first published January 23rd 2007

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rated it

and like all my public mistakes, erasing the evidence of it wo n't erase the much to remind me how it happened as to admi that it did at all.little intimacies.of the many, many aspects of his memoi that resonated with us, one in particular was the basis of an interesting exchange between me and author santino hassell.

it 's ery good at being what i kno of as authentic teen gay boy POVSH: it reminds me of somethingJAG: it reminds me of a lot of thingsSH: the parts where he 's talking about how hot and cold the love interest dude getsJAG: yes, with his facial expressionSH: yeahJAG: that, specifically that.

i believe i was in love with him but he was straightJAG: i was thinking of the exact same thing.

he did n't realize how to thin about itJAG: that 's what that scene in essa is about.

they kno you have deeper feelings and they do n't ask how to deal, and finally their face goes fucked, in that moment of vulnerability.

they ca n't fin the panic or the revulsionSH: yesJAG: and it feel like thatSH: yesJAG: because straight dudes can feel warm affection for you too, bviously.

i wonder if it happens to every queer personSH: i wonder the same thingJAG: like imagine you 're a woma, you have your best girl friends, going to the bathroom together, secrets, sharing lipstick ... SH: yeahJAG: little intimacies.

and onc you tell your girlfriends you 're queer and they remember all those times, all those intimaciesSH: that 's what happened with him, with my boyfrien.

and i know exactly what that 's likeSH: yea? JAG: the irst time i ever cried in public was when he old me he did n't intend to be my boyfrien.

my best girl friend would light my cigarette for me like thi.

he saw me fooling around with the other kid and ran away and i chased after him for two blocksJAG: shitSH: he came into the locker room and saw, and gave me his look of disgust and hatred, and i followed him.

i wrote him a letter to ask if we woul be friends again and gave it to a teacher 's assistant who taught in both of our classes to hand it to him the next day.

his class was before mine, so the whole day after i felt like i was lookin to jum up but also full of this crazy hope.

she hands me this folded up thing, and it 's my own letterSH: wowJAG: and the thing is, dude—it was like being razy, because i 'm smelling him just then.

like it 's a violationJAG: i know the point is that it eels like one, to them.

before that happened with my love, i could fool myself into thinking he semi-reciprocated.

like with my friend ...

every daySH: little things like that matterJAG: yeah.

rated it

What an intense book, what an intense ending.

For what the two discover on the Riviera and during a sultry evening in Rome is the one thing both already fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy.My experience with his story begin with the fil.

Yes, I committed the dreadful sin of watching the movie before reading nove.

I hate books which contain no plot, and things just happen without a specific order or reason.

his book conveys in us the raw and true and sinful emotions and eelings of Elio, a very special and intricate character, which at the age of 17 falls in love with a 24 year old an.

I certainl hope, we would all find love like this in our lives.

rated it

But. I believ with whoever likens Aciman 's approach to Proust 's ( which is probably everybody who has read both Aciman and Proust.) This is yet a Gay Coming of Age Novel, at all; it 's an elegy for desire, for memory itself; and it want to visit that interior terrain of longing most notably visited by A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU, without begging a side-by-side comparison.

Best to avoid it.) The frustrations of the ovel only become apparent once the spell of Aciman 's spare but lovely prose has been shattere.

There are some story frustrations here, to be sure, but from this nove, I ha no expecting a bit of light escapism for my subway ride.

I do n't forge that I 've ever read nove so relentlessly accurate in its detailing of each precise doubt and hope, but mostly doubt, that colors any interaction or lack of interaction with the object of one 's desire.

As much as I said I 'd ant to throw the book down at times, I almost missed my stop because it coul not let me go.

rated it

I 've put off writing his review for far too long because I 'm surprise I wo n't do he book justice.

rated it

“ If I shoul have him like this in my dreams every night of my life, I 'd stake my entire life on dreams and be done with the rest. ” This book has been on my to-read list for a few days, but now that the movi is set to be released, I though it was time to get going and pick it up agai and for all.

Longing and sexual frustration dominated most of the book, but I was goin for dramatic heartbreak and high emotions.

It 's always that I like he novel, on the contrary, sometimes it was like a dream: Italian food prepared by a personal cook, strolling on the beach, lazing around in the sun, handsome and interesting people around night and day.

rated it

So perhaps the book 's more like a probe, yes, very discomfiting probe, making a fuller assessment of the wreckage.

Thi memoi is also a final report of the survey, as such it reminds us of the universality of our suffering.

I speak here of the novel ’ s sheer emotional power.For most of the ovel the narrative is the first-person thoughts, fantasies, worries, shames and fears of Elio in the ummer of his 17th year.

A young man is with his parents at their big comfortable summer house on the Italian Riviera.

This boy ’ s mother is an academic and Oliver, 24, is a young American colleague exchanging some brief work as amanuensis for room and board while finishing his own manuscript.

But in the marvelous, big-hearted Italian sense, Oliver, even if for only the six eeks of his stay, is very much a part of he family.

Later in the adaptatio, when the description intensifies, it ’ s as if it has been saved for just these moments of lovemaking, the confidential exchanges between the two in their subsequent walks and swims, their farewell in Rome, the devastating coda.

rated it

2.5 starsAs a gay man, I feel happy seeing queer intimacies receive more acceptance and popularity, as evidenced by this nove 's film adaptation this year.

And while I nderstand that thi book strive to portray infatuation, I found myself bored at times with Elio 's obsession with Oliver.

I wish we had received more from these characters: more dialogue, more development, and more insight into their desire for one another.Overall, an okay book that I am curious to see as a thrille, as I predict the movie may better portray the emotions of the ook through lush and/or lustful visuals.

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