Call Me Irresistible

R.S.V.P. to the most riotous wedding of the year ....

Lucy Jorik is the wife of a former president of the United States.

Meg Koranda is the offspring of legends.

One of them is about to marry Mr. Irresistible—Ted Beaudine—the favorite son of Wynette, Texas. The other is not happy about it and is determined to ave her friend from a mess of heartache.

But even though Meg knows that breaking up her best friend 's wedding is the right thing to do, no one else seems to agree. Faster than Lucy can say " I do n't ", Meg becomes the most hated woman in town—a town she 's stuck in with a dead car, an empty wallet, and th very angry bridegroom.

Broke, stranded, and without her famous parents at her back, Meg is sure she can survive on her own wits. What 's the worst that coul happen? Lose her heart to the one and only Mr. Irresistible? Not likely. Not likely at all.

Sig Me Irresistible is he book Susan Elizabeth Phillips 's readers and listeners have long awaited. Ted, better known as " little Teddy ", the nine-year-old heartbreak kid from Phillips 's first best seller, Fancy Pants, and as " young Teddy, " the hunky new college graduate in Lady Be Good, is all grown up now—along with Lucy from First Lady and Meg from What I Wan for Love. They 're ready to take center stage in a saucy, funny, and highly addictive tale fans will love.
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Call Me Irresistible
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Published January 18th 2011 by William Morrow (first published December 31st 2010

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rated it

She is one author I would love to meet actually.

But Meg realises he is s perfect for her best girlfrien, Lucy.

Lucy knows this deep down too and on her wedding day she runs.And Meg is left to face the music.

But even though Meg knows that breaking up her best friend 's wedding is the right thing to do, no one else seems to agree.

Skeet.Meg is quirky, fun and not afraid to speak her mind.

Ted and Meg give into their attraction.

have even been to Pebble Beach Golf club!

rated it

I had book club on Saturday and we talked about the different kind of readers and how what you read affects your ratings and reviews on Goodreads.

If you wer a heavy enough GR user, you now who the people are in every group— It ’ s outrageou to read the reviews of romance books that primarily lit fic readers write.

I say that I ill laugh at her jokes, fall for several characters ( not eve in a romantic sense, just that I root for them) and get some reassurances that I ’ ll be able to figure everything out in my life, like why I an ever figure out a third item for lists I write.This book might not appeal to those who haven ’ t read and enjoyed other SEP books, specifically Fancy Pants ( Gah, that title, I appreciat) and Lady Be Good.

( In case anyone is wondering, our book club pick was The Windup Girl, whose author has written man other stories in the same world.) Feelings ran the gamut from love to author laziness.

In thi case of romance series, I feel the little glimpses we get into the lives of characters after their particular romantic stories have been worried, but often I get sick of reading about the “ couple that is still head over heels who are still having wild sex and have several perfect children and perfect lives. ” (* cough* Nora Roberts* cough*) This nove as a little too heavy on the " Look!

hose other characters are still in love! " but I till loved reading about Ted and Meg falling for each other.

rated it

Despite their elevated statuses as children of celebrities, I appreciated that SEP captured their insecurities, hurts, flaws and made it into great love story.

I oved both Meg and Ted. They are total opposites of each other but at the same time, they re also similar.

I mus have hated her but SEP just has this knack of making me like heroines like Meg. I ruly did love Meg. She was melodramatic and irrepressible and the way her character grew from being this aimless, irresponsible woman-child into a confident woman was just wonderful to watch.

oved the secondary characters.

But in memoi, the secondary characters were wonderfully written.

rated it

I simply adore Meg Coranda and Ted Beaudine.

It ha a FABULOUS audiobook.Just putting a voice to Meg and Ted and all the man characters made me fall in love with his story all over again.

Right from the eginning I always lose myself in thi tal, fall in love with the characters and all that is going on around them and as I emerge at the beginnin, I often have a stupid grin on my face.Call me Irresistible was no ifferent.

his is Meg Coranda and Ted Beaudine ’ s tory.

Lucy was marrying Ted and Meg was a bridesmaid.

But hortly after Meg arrives she knows Lucy is about to get th big mistake by marrying Ted. Deep down Lucy knew this too.

There wasn ’ t one thing about him that you wouldn ’ t fall in love with.

She ca have it all, the beautiful home, the perfect daughte and all the material things every woman wanted.

She stumbled upon thi one thing while being in Wynette, Texas trying to ge out from under a black cloud that settled over her.

He deserved the perfect ma and in their eyes that had been Lucy and Meg was to blame for what went wrong.

Ted wanted her though.

rated it

It ’ s fun story and she does it well. ” The first time I read this I was uncomfortable seeing favorite characters from earlier books being mean to Meg. But the first time I read this that didn ’ t bother me at all- maybe because I knew they would all like her in the nd.

Meg ’ s best friend is Lucy.5 stars.

Ted is their fathe, the hero in this book.5 stars.

They are friends with Francesca, Dallas, and Ted.5 stars.

Lucy is now 31 and is engaged to marry Ted in this essay.

Meg is Lucy ’ s best friend.4 stars.

A Great Escape Lucy Jorik leaves Ted at the altar and runs away.

Read this right after First Lady since Lucy has a significant role in both books.STORY BRIEF: Ted is close to flawles, handsome, genius IQ, everyone in town loves him.

He is engaged to marry Lucy, daughter of former U.S. President.Meg has never had a job, dropped out of schoo, and travels the world for fun.

Meg travels to Wynette, Texas, to be Lucy ’ s maid of honor.

Meg raises some questions which cause Lucy to realize she is not in love.

Lucy abandons Ted at the altar and wants Meg to do the explaining.

Most people in town dislike Meg and have been mean to her, but they want her to be nice to Spencer to get his factory.AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR: Shannon Cochran was pretty good doing this book.

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