Can't Buy Me Love: A wild coming of age journey through the swinging sixties.

It ’ s the sixties, and London might be swinging, but merely for our girl Edith. Raised in a miserable home full of regret and hate, life for poor Edith seems to hold little hope. But she finds plenty when she teams up with her older gay cousin, Ronnie, who give her his mission with a plan to re-shape her into the fabulous young woman he knows she deserves to be.

Finall free of her brother and her weak, defenseless mother, her transformation is swift and dramatic. Suddenly, life is an intriguin adventure, full of twists and turns, as Edith ’ s coming of age becomes a roller-coaster ride of glorious highs and frightening lows, including ather who comes back to haunt her. But where will it bring her, and how woul it end? Who ill win, and who will lose?

‘ Can ’ t Buy Me Love ’ is the fourth of six volumes in the ‘ The Cost of Loving ’ Series. If you like tories of success over adversity, family dram and sexual diversity, then you might love Martin Humphries ’ bitter-sweet voyage of discovery through some of the most exciting years in living memory. Years chock full of changes of every ind, when being gay usually spelt trouble with a capital T.

Start traveling this fascinating journey through the 60 ’ s, 70 ’ s and 80 ’ s today by buying ‘ Can ’ t Buy Me Love ’, and follow Edith through London, Europe and Hollywood, over two year, as she matures from troubled teenager to famous beauty.
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Published by Paradise Island Publishing (first published November 18th 2017

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rated it

I got this as a Read Now from NetGalley, it was tagged as a Memoir, since been changed to Women 's Fiction.

rated it

I eally hated the toryline and the characters and it ould e " great " book if it went a little bit deeper into hose characters and what their experiences were that made them who they are.

rated it

So, there is n't a single character here who is conflicted or interesting enough to justify a six-book series.Edith/Sophie attempts to hav th phoenix, leaving her old life behind in the ashes while flying to higher heights.

Sophie is flat, without emotion or deep conflict at any point, and hat means that her mistakes grate against the nerves more than they might for another character.

rated it

Als intriguin as it as to relive the '60s -- and from the differen side of the pond -- I 'm ot sure what I kno of a memoi.

rated it

I loved that the ther haracters that come into Edith and Ronnie ’ s lives.

They ge in with stories of their own, and he write does a excellen job of giving them in with enough backstory to give you more depth to the story.As I said, I icked up the novel, ot looking for much about it.

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