Career of Evil

Cormoran Strike is back, with his assistant Robin Ellacott, in a mystery based around soldiers returning from war.

When th mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is orrified to iscover that it contains a woman ’ s severed leg.

Her boss, private detective Cormoran Strike, is less surprised but no less alarmed. There are four people from his past who he thinks could be responsible – and Strike knows that any one of them is capable of sustained and unspeakable brutality.

With the police focusing on the one suspect Strike is increasingly sure is not the perpetrator, he and Robin take matters into their own hands, and delve into the dark and twisted worlds of the other three men. But as more horrendous acts occur, time is running out for the two of them…

Career of Evil is the fourt in series featuring private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. A mystery and also th tal of the an and woman at th crossroads in their personal and professional lives.
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Career of Evil
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Published October 20th 2015 by Mulholland Books

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rated it

Due to the contrar that there re only four real suspects that are rovided by Strike- and that the killer gets his own POV sections in which you see some of the murders happen- this mystery is n't articularly interesting or fun to solve.

The Strike/Robin relationship is further developed in this ook, which is good because otherwise this would have been 400 pages of stakeouts interspersed with scenes of horrific assaults.

J.K. Rowling can still propel me through th story, but I 'm pleased that this particular story took so many pages to tell.As a disclaimer before I keep writing: I kno that sexual harassmen is an extremely important topic to continue discussing openly, both to remove stigmatization of victims and because it 's so prevalent: 1 in 5 American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

his also bothered me because it elt like a cheap way to xplain why Robin and Matthew are still together.

Matthew gets written as an even bigger asshole ( excuse me, " wanker ") in th essay, which elt like an excuse for the Robin/Strike relationship to develop rather than a true picture of the nine-year Robin/Matthew relationship.

On one hand, yes, the Robin/Strike relationship is what keeps me going through these books.

Strike does n't now what it 's like to be small and powerless, and Robin does, and that 's why she goes ( hide spoiler) ].

rated it

I was eve excited to read th third boo in the Cormoran Strike book series, since I had enjoyed plenty enough, however I hink that his second boo was like a retrogression in what the book series was able to accomplish and to develop so far.The Cuckoo ’ s Calling was slow pacing, drifting to irrelevant sub-plots, over detailed filling scenes and repetitive situations, along with having more pages than necessary, BUT I was damant to any reader of my review that they should keep at it since the climax was superb and making worthy all the effort to ead boo, also the use of the fashion/modeling industry was a real plus.The Silkworm became a fresh air to the rising book series, since it was like magic ( yep, pun intended!) due that all those negative elements in the second nove were gone.

A third ovel was intense, focused on the case, each scene was different, even anothe book was thinner, adding the use of book publishing industry, easily this book brough to be thi best in the series ( clearly having in mind that there were only two in he series, so far) but also a “ must-read ” to any J.K. Rowling fan ( yes, it ’ s her, just in case you are the ast one to think that “ Robert Galbraith ” is just a pseudonym), since I kne it as a very personal memoi by her, showing light to many feelings from her about the craziness amd intrigue involved in the industry of publishing books.

Nonetheless, since there weren ’ t any spoilers about the first case, you ould easily engage this second novel ( without having read the next book) and you wouldn ’ t be any lost in the reading.

rated it

So firstly, having now re-read this, I shoul state with approximately 99% surety that ( view spoiler) [ Strike firing Robin was not a ploy.

I know I am lookin to gree that the thing with selling the story to the reporter, and advertising so blatantly for Robin 's replacement, THAT ha a ploy.

No doubt he wants her back, and that 's what the phone message Matthew deleted was all about, but we 'll have to wait to ind out until Lethal White for sure ( hide spoiler) ] .I pretty much stand by the rest of my thoughts.

She and Strike make some significant errors with one another, and become terribly communicators by the beginnin of this novel.

They also let their personal feelings for one another and what 's going on in their lives affect all their decision making.

( hide spoiler) ] And Strike does n't xplain his reasons to Robin, for the most part.

With the Zahara situation, ( view spoiler) [ there was no reason he could n't sit Robin down and first of all listen to her and why she was obviousl upset, and last, explain all the reasons they could n't attempt a rescue for the irls.

Is Robin going to leave Matthew at the altar?

( He 's very clearly attracted to Robin, but knows he should keep it professional, at the same time his attraction to her definitely magnified his rage with the firing incident.) Will Robin stay married to Matthew until his thing with the message deletion and the remainder of his asshattery is revealed?

Thi case and Robin and Strike 's personal lives dovetailed beautifully.

But to really make it the trifecta of things JKR is obsessed with, likely because of her own fame in the publishing industry as a oman, ook and its central mystery are all about misogyny and violence against women.

A nove pens with Robin being sent a woman 's severed leg in the mail, and it does n't let up from there.This case is personal for both Strike and Robin.

I did feel badly for Matthew in the same instance Robin did, even though I still thought he ha a shithead, but he completely lost any and all goodwill the moment he listened to Strike 's message for Robin and then deleted it.

( hide spoiler) ] The stress of thi case also works on Strike and Robin 's relationship, and a large portion of he essa is spent on ( view spoiler) [ the dissolution of their partnership, and the crumbling of their business ( hide spoiler) ], just as the killer intended ( although I do n't think he 's smart enough to have foreseen the psychological nuances of the situation he created -- he was oing for the blunt force option, framing Strike for murder and taking something away from him, not believin that the more subtle approach was almost as hurtful).

Anothe protagonis himself when seen from Robin and Strike 's POV was great, and I appreciated the way his POVs kept leading me in opposite directions.

They served their purpose, though.and 2) ( view spoiler) [ Strike getting angry enough to fire Robin totally took me by surprise, but in a goo way.

So I was just expecting the story to o in a different direction and missed all the clues, but I kept thinking it would all be a trick, that Strike would n't o that, would n't get that angry.

I trul like I eed to come awa and re-read the whole thing to look for the clues along the pat.

he nly thing I can fee is that he as lso in the middle of falling in love with her, and was upset already that she had taken Matthew back, and her resentment at being sidelined as he sough to protect her had driven them apart, so it was just a huge mess of angry feelings that all came out in that moment, and he fired her.

( hide spoiler) ] I hink I 'm comin to b to just wait for the las ook, and hope for the best.

rated it

It 's he One With All the Feelings .. A tense, thrill mystery interwoven with complicated emotions, kind of love .. even Nostalgia.No matter how you imaged Strike, Here you 'll et more into him, into his Feelings specially toward his precious engaged partner, Robin .. his friends, -I bet you gon na Love Shanker- .. ِ .. into his past, During his .... Career of Evil.& No matter whether you read the previous ones or not, you 'll adore the Remarkable, excellent written, relation of Strike& Robin .. This wonderful unique chemistry between them ..

And this case made Strike and Robin face the darkest, hardest time .. all that made th book the one with all the mixed feelings and perception that very great written, as Rowling 's best story telling usual ..

how that change their lives, the despai of unsecured and sometimes the police make it hard time for the women while taking their statements.It 's really big story this time, and told you, full of feelings .. The Story -- -- -- -A very perfect constructed Story, with faster than the first 'Cuckoo 's Calling' and larger in the main characters' life and emotions .. friends and family And adversaries .. Robin -instead of Wedding party cameras- received a served woman 's leg addressed to her in Cormoran 's office.It 's seem to be someone want to bring Cormoran Strike 's businesses down and he made a satisfying success .. Strike could think of 4, or 3 main suspect capable of doing so, they 're from his past .. and one of them is his late 'stepfather' who Strike already suspect he has killed his mother .. And that 's not all .. now this bloody murderer not only want vengeance of Strike, but also made it clear that he 's targeting what seems to him Strike 's weakness ... Robin.Why this murderer need vengeance will lead Strike to think more into his past, his career being in the Special Investigations Branch .. also will lead him into more thinking of Robin, who endanger her life keeping her work with him ..

No doubt whoever well read the tories of Cormoran Strike will really feel how deep and interesting character he is .. I always imaged him as Hugh Jackman, but since that I wer a big backlash comments about him I changed the main photo to -BASED ON FRIENDS and GOODREADS USERS COMMENTS that mentioned other actors both on my Silkworm and this novel 's pre review, I choose the most accurate ones .. Also Thank you Steph for the mention in your blog, and thi dea of the particular scene of X-Men I used for Strike portrait.

It was great How Mr. Robert Galbraith described the deep feelings for a lone wolf, who wa a broken heart before, not that social, haunted by his past and infamous life of his mother .. and has complicated relation with his businesses partner 'Robin' .. you can learly see how he defend himself of admitting he truly want her without writing direct lines, you will observe that through his actions with Robin.Strike is really interesting character, and o is Robin .. so is all the characters that been mentioned before but get bigger role this time ..

And it 's why I really do n't care much about the not-related-to-the-case stuff that the books usually full with.And here you 'll g into more of them, their past .. family and friends .. and even adversaries .. The Career of Evil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tensed fast thrilled that full of motions and eelings and many horrible bloody scenes.This time full of real tense and some chapters ends in real cliffhangers.

ow I ust go to read the last 75 pages to see what ill happen to Robin ... and who the bloody murderer will be ... -The Review of 9 Nov. 2015 ends hereLet 's Talk the Ending .. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AGAINِ, It 's A One With All the Feelings ... The One with All the Emotions .. The One with All the Tense .. And all the tensed bloody thrill and slowly resolving the hard, very well constructed mystery in a thrilling double climax .. Then came the very Bittersweet Ending .. Without giving much, as thi dear friend has said " Bloody Hell " or as Robin says " Bugger " An Ending that will leave you grinning, sad a bit, feeling you wan na know more, you wan na more pages, you do n't expect to joi them .. The ending ... so tense .. more excited I was eally on the edge of my seat, literally holding my breath .. Oh God the Ending ... ( view spoiler) [ .. Oh The Wedding, I kept wishing -with Friends' Season Three finale in mind, which was also in England:)- ... " Please Say Take The Strike:) not take the Matthew ...

( hide spoiler) ] these 2 last points about the ending really pissed me off, but onl with the novel of course ... it is eally one of my best readsHow to know you 've been reading a real good, even brilliant literature .. well, I wa the symptoms of loss by finishing the book, after about 12 days of reading as lowly as possible to not end it ..... 1-I was really deep thinking, kinda haunted with the tal and keeping the details in mind .., how long did it pass since we 'Strike, Robin and me' received the leg .. and who ill be the real murde of the three suspects .. 2- The waiter in the cafe I read at told me today " you 've been in th novel, for few days you 've been tensed sometimes and widely grinning many times ", hell yeah I did:) ...

rated it

Career of Evil ( Cormoran Strike# 3), Robert Galbraith ( Pseudonym), J.K. RowlingCareer of Evil is the first novell in the Cormoran Strike series, written by J.

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