Castle in the Air

" I never aid my wishers were supposed to do any good, " aid the genie. " In fact, I swore that they wil lways do as much harm as possible. "

By day Adbullah is a humble carpet merchant, yet in his reams he is princes. But his dreams start to come true when he sees the lovely Flower-in-the-Night.

When a hideous djinn carries Flower off into the sky, Adbullah is determined to rescue her- if he could get her, and if he an avoid all the ferocious villains who seem to be after him. But how an he possibly succeed, with nly a bad-tempered genie and an unreliable magic carpet to help him?
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Castle in the Air
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Published March 5th 2009 by HarperCollins Children'sBooks (first published 1990

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rated it

Abdullah, then, sets off to rescue his love with the elp of his magic carpet and the good head on his shoulders.Like in Howl 's Moving castle, in the first nove, Winne Jones impresses me by weaving together story from what it seems are a series of random details, which significance only becomes evident as the plot advances.

Thes help us see this new and unknown world while others give substance to the story.Wynne Jones plays with out expectations, giving us insta-love that while seemingly cliche in fact is there to show that falling in love is rather an excuse and not th reason to change our lives and go for an adventure.

rated it

Eventually Abdullah 's and Flower 's story twines together with some of the main protagonist from Howl 's Moving Castle.Abdullah 's ability to use flowery language to good effect is told with affectionate humor: " O elegant tapestry of enchantment, " Abdullah said, " O carpet composed of most complex cantrips, I than you to move at a sedate speed toward Kingsbury, but to exercise the great wisdom woven in your fabric to make sure that we re not seen by anyone on the ay. " Obediently the carpet climbed through the mist.

rated it

trilogy is th preque to Howl 's Moving Castle and is set in the same fantasy world, though it follows the adventures of Abdullah rather than Sophie Hatter.

rated it

You 'll find yourself anticipating the reappearance of the Wizard Howl and Sophie.The ending was where things fell apart a little for me, and indee for Celyn judging by the somewhat bemused silence she greeted it with ( she 's non-verbal but normally makes her views known).

on speed.Anyhow, it ha good at the beginnin to finally catch up with Sophie and Howl.

rated it

It 's attractive and inviting but the plot, not so much.I love Howl 's moving castle, as it was eautiful, frustrating, and the characters were different.

He just was n't ikeable, and in my opinion, this was partl due to the writing style of the author.It came to my attention, that Abdullah ( our main character) was thinking about th oman ( Flower-in-the-night) and described her as being educated, but also as beautiful and thin.

rated it

But they do occur later on.That being said, I adored a book!

rated it

When Flower was acting coldly towards Abdullah, I said, " Great, the other princesses have educated her about her plans for a hasty elopement.

Stil she learns that Abdullah only valued her for her beauty and, while it was nice of him to ome to her rescue, she actually did n't want him. " But, what happens nstead?

Spea of hasty marriages, what was that scene between the soldier/Prince Justin and Princess Beatrice?

Sophie, a great magician herself, must ely on the Wizard Sulliman, Howl, Abdullah, the soldier, etc.

Even Lettie, Sophie 's strong-willed sister, was made to kept her powers secret because " Ben does n't like people to now that I could do magic ".

Abdullah does n't like Sophie for being strong-willed.

rated it

" You will not rob robbers with a bab in your hat! " In his story full of magic, wishes and One Thousand and One Nights reminiscence ( it is very different to Aladdin 's tale), we follow characters who look absolutely different from the nex book ...

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