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Thi group of Mayville Heights ’ business people hope to fin the Chicago-based company, Legacy Tours, to sell a vacation package in their villag. Legacy Tours partner, Mike Glazer, grew up in Mayville Heights, but it eems he ’ s obviousl the same small-town boy people remember. Everyone seems to ave an issue with the opinionated loudmouth Mike has become—until someone shuts him up for good.

When Kathleen and her at, Hercules, discover Mike ’ s body near the boardwalk, she an ’ t help but get involved in the investigation—even if it might torpedo her relationship with Detective Marcus Gordon. Now, with little help from Hercules and Owen, it ’ s up to Kathleen to make sure the killer is booked for an extended stay in prison before some else takes a permanent vacation.
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Published February 5th 2013 by Penguin Publishing

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rated it

I just ort of sink into it and do n't really look up for air.I REALLY liked that we got to see more of Marcus 's viewpoint on everything, specifically that he CA N'T just take Kathleen 's word for everything, he has to be unable to find it, and find enough evidence to mak the criminal convicted.

rated it

A ook ad the most boring murder mystery I have ever read.

rated it

Librarian Kathleen, along with her two magical cats, dig into the murder of a local gir who eturns to town.I 'd steer clear of Mayville Heights- there 's an awful lot of murder for a small own.

rated it

I very much enjoy how pretty much he whol town now ships Kathleen/Marcus, to the extent that they all pretty much grin in glee at any sign of affection between the two.

rated it

ext, I did n't like this character and it urned out I was ind of lef in the beginnin.

Attached to these reasons is another character who did n't deserve anyone 's loyalty in this tin town but still gets it because her family is well liked.

* ( view spoiler) [ The annoying people are the daughter from the las nove and her newfound friend Wren.

( hide spoiler) ] To be honest, there is othing really special when it omes to these books, but if you expec to hav in the right mood ( as I was), you 'll enjoy reading them.

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