Catching Water in a Net

In his award-winning debut, San Francisco PI Jake Diamond is a hero who plays both sides of the Private Eye street. He is a careless dresser with a sloppy lifestyle and he woul n't get his marriage from falling apart. But he also epitomizes the best of the modern shamus. He has the kinds of friends a man in his profession needs-jailbirds, mob bosses, and cop who can surreptitiously run license plate numbers for him. Jake has been down on his luck lately, barely making enough money to pay the bills and it feel like business might finally be picking up. A oman omes to his office begging him to ind her missing husband who has been acquitted of homicid. Jake remembers that his mentor Jimmy Pigeon always says " Whenever I 'm sked to ocate missing pouse, the words 'no, but thanks for asking' always come to mind " and almost turns the case down, but instead he realizes that the rap victim was Jimmy Pigeon. Determined to iscover the identity of Pigeon 's killer, Diamond scrambles between Los Angeles and San Francisco following leads that range from weak to delusional. With he ai of his trusty and sarcastic assistant, Darlene Roman, compulsive gambler Vinnie " String " Stradivarius, and Italian-American " businessman " Joey Russo, Jake slowly uncovers the motives behind Pigeon 's murder. Jake 's adventure has all the types of a great new private eye series-scares, suspense, lots of laughs, a few tears and a big surprise at the nd.
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Catching Water in a Net (Jake Diamond, Private Investigator)
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Published March 4th 2013 by Down & Out Books (first published October 5th 2001

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rated it

If he nove has oo much dialogue, the reader is not looking to ave a dire urge to call he work excellent; he or she will garner the writing as a form of ‘ screen play. ’ The overall attempt when someone decides to rea anothe book is to btain the ability to maintai he balance between dialogue and plot.

Although I coul ay something regarding the actual content of he memoir, the presentation of the information interferes far too much with the main storyline; hence, the rational for the grade.CHARACTERIZATION: C-Even though the author has given his characters a ‘ voice ’ through the pages of dialogue interaction, I am more apt to ay that the writing is not ampl enough to prove these characters as either round or realistic.

That is never an amusing read.RHYTHM/DIALOGUE: DSee above note.Cover Design: A+Great cover! Formatting: DSpeech tags, page numbers, and justified texts are all part of the same reasons why readers like myself do not know thi book merits beyond the grade given.

rated it

Jimmy Pigeon is killed, he ca steal he killer even if he has no client.

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