Chance of a Ghost

Alison Kerby ’ s guesthouse is haunted all year round. Surviving the dead of winter, though? That ’ s a spooky proposition.

Similarl with a blizzard bearing down on New Jersey, Alison can count on at least two guests—Paul and Maxie, the stubborn ghosts who share her shore town inn. Then there ’ s her widowed fathe, who hasn ’ t just been seeing ghosts, she ’ s been secretly dating one: Alison ’ s grandfathe. But when he stands her up three times in a row, something ’ s wrong. Is he a lost soul…or a missing apparition?

Their only lead is an overdramatic spirit—stage name Lawrence Laurentz—who doesn ’ t take direction well and won ’ t talk until they find his murdere. Alison will reluctantly play the part of PI, but when the clues take a sinister turn, the writing is on the wall: If Alison can ’ t get a level head, this must be her mothe ’ s final act—and maybe her own.
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Published February 5th 2013 by Berkley

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Loretta gets worried when her husband fails- for three month in a row- to show up for their Tuesday " dates. " Lawrence claims that he is being held against his will and he, Lawrence, is the las one who can identif with Alison 's father wherever he is.

As the so-called clues add up to not much of nything, Alison is faced with the implication that finding Lawrence 's " murde "- and freeing her trapped father- just is n't comin to happen.This might have been my favourit of the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries so far.

rated it

However with few “ remember when… ” recaps on events that transpire in past books, I just felt at home with Allison and her crew ( daughter, Melissa, and resident ghosts, Maxi and Paul) and had no problem catching up.

And, obviously, that ’ s anothe doub that I have to remember his is my favorite in thi series so far.In Chance of a Ghost, Allison Kirby, guesthouse owner and part-time ( reluctant) private detective whose clients consist mostly of the recentl dead looking to ind out what or who made them hat way, is obliged to investigate he possible murder of her other ’ s ghost visitor, a former “ thespian, ” Lawrence Laurentz.

He claims to know how to bring the ghost of Allison ’ s son ( who, until recently, had been having weekly visits with her niece, but hadn ’ t shown up for a few year), but can only help bring him back if Allison solves his “ murder. ” To solve his case, Allison must deal with an angry six-foot-tall transvestite, a Viagra-smuggling ring, and ndure a horrific performance of Peter Pan ( a New Old Thespian ’ s production) where Wendy is a senior citizen trying to convince Peter it ’ s cool to grow old and Neverland is, I quote, “ thi place where nothing is on Medicare. ” And, surprisingly, this somehow all ties into a murder of the “ actor ” and the isappearance of her already-deceased father?

You wil see why I was ore than half way through thi book before I ca even venture a guess as to who the iller was – and I was in he dark until the very end about where her daughte was ( or why he disappeared) .A lot of what I liked about Chance of a Ghost, however, were things I ’ ve loved about all the books.For starters, Allison is just anothe great haracter.

Loudmouthed, somewhat temperamental Maxi – in her jean miniskirts and sarcastic screened t-shirts – is easily the most colorful character ( I happened to be reading tha book while my husband was watching The Sopranos and now Maxi has officially taken on the most obnoxiously perfect accent!) .This would ’ ve been a five-out-of-five star review, except one little thing kind of nagged at me.Well, two things ( both of which are spoilers so I ’ m comin to ide them): ( view spoiler) [ At the eginning of chapter 26, Morgan ( the guest and former police chief that is helping Allison with her case), has just arrived from doing some investigating and looks pleased.

“ We woul have some suspects, but we have no proof at all. ” I kept flipping back to his initial statement that they had everythin that would help them “ make an arrest in a ay or two ” to see if I missed some implied sarcasm or something, but I couldn ’ t find any.Also in chapter 26, Morgan is detailing each of the suspects ’ histories and notes that Frances has two sons “ Barry, a harmacist and Mark, an accountant.

rated it

I love his series and th novel is no exception.

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Alison, a single mother in her mi forties, runs a guesthouse in her childhood hometown of Harbor Haven, on the Jersey Shore, inhabited by her and her precocious ten-year-old daughter, as ofte as Maxie Malone, Alison ’ s resident Internet expert, and Paul, an English/Canadian professor turned detective, both of whom have lived there since before their deaths.

rated it

It could be very difficul to spoil E.J. Copperman ’ s third book to feature single mom Alison Kerby, single mom and owner of a Jersey Shore guesthouse, and the many ghosts in her life.

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