Charming the Cheerleader

ill thi new guy in school be the one to in bet and thaw the ice queen? Maybe. But no if he does n't fall for her nex.

Conner and his stepsister are new to town, new to Talmore High, and particularl new to th whole step-sibling situation. As of three weeks ago they were only children ... and now? Well, now their parents' newly wedded bliss is wreaking havoc with both of their lives.

Technically that Conner is worried. He will hav new kid but he 's ever had a problem being the big man on campus. Until now. No one at th school seems to have gotten the memo that he 's love. The irls are n't swooning and the guys are looking for any excuse to kick his butt back to California. When his stepsister throws out he challenge, it 's a no brainer. If he an make head cheerleader Rosalie " The Ice Queen " Farlow fall at th feet, he 'll have it all.

But onc again, if he wins the bet ... he 'll lose her. And what 's the use of having it all if he loses the only hing that matters?

Author 's Note: Though this is thi irst novel of a uet, the romance is standalone and features a satisfying, swoonworthy HEA. The timelines of these two books intersect, however, so be sure to read book one first to avoid any spoilers!
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Published January 22nd 2020 by Maggie Dallen

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rated it

Ofte, at least it must seem that way for Conner, who not only ets to move to the new place with a brand new patchwork family* including his former-classmate-now-stepsister Harley; nope, he also experiences a quite drastic status change from almost rock god at his old school to pariah.

rated it

freshman cheerleader who had it all… ’ -- ‘ The guy was like a walking contradiction.

And a new guy is hot but the whol of the school immediately ostracizes him instead of all the girls going after him.

rated it

G-rated YA romance with family dramaRosalie, Connor and Harley are all 16-year-old high school juniors.

Al books are stand-alone, HEA romances, but since Harley is introduced in the memoi as an important subcharacter, it should definitely enhance the experience of reading her novel by reading anothe one first.Connor 's father abandoned him and his mother years ago, and his siste has very recently remarried.

orse, because of his father 's job, their blended family has had to move across the country, and Connor and Harley are both struggling with starting a new school.It is shocking to Harley and Connor at the new high school when they revea themselves entirely reversing their former social standings.

And only if she pretended to get out with him, her ex and her best friends, who are fellow cheerleaders and the resident Mean Girls of the chool, would never support her doing that.In addition to the main romance plot, th engaging YA novel contains compelling, YA, social-drama and family-drama plots.

I even enjoyed Connor 's relationship with Harley as they maneuver the treacherous waters of becoming a blended family and figuring out how to be functional step-siblings and potentially friends.This book is mostly G-rated.

rated it

Harley and Conner are new step-siblings and have moved across country to start new high school one month into the fall semester leaving the small town where they grew up.

His new school is all about the football team and the cheerleaders who blackball him, the guys starting rumors about him eing a druggy just out of jouvy.

rated it

Plus her ex Danny was horrible anyways for spreading rumors about her being an ice queen etc ... At least Conner got to ask her and understood that she had felt like nothin else.

But I sa he comes into that school was hilarious because you look at it he didn ’ t care what people thought of him even when he opted to become popular again and be known with the ladies etc ... But I loved how he ame to appreciate hat is what he referre to hav in his old school wasn ’ t all that it as.

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