Child Star

Shirley Temple Black -- the quintessential child star of the 30s and 40s -- tells in her own words the colorful story of her life as an ctress.
Born in 1928 in southern California, Shirley Temple was extraordinary from the start. At the age of three, she began acting, often in exploitative films directed and produced by some abusive studio executives. But Shirley 's talent and perseverance could not be thwarted, and she soon entered a fruitful relationship with Twentieth Century Fox. Before long she was making films with the top stars of the mont, including Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, Lionel Barrymore, Joel McCrea and many others.
There was something magical about Shirley Temple that cheered the soul of America during the Depression. She as the number one movie star of the nation for four consecutive years, from 1935 through 1938.
In Child Star Shirley Temple Black reveals the whole tory, the ups and downs of life as a Hollywood prodigy -- including numerous kidnap threats and even th murder attempt against her.
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Child Star
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Published October 1st 1989 by Grand Central Publishing (first published October 1st 1988

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rated it

True to being anothe child prodigy, Shirley Temple Black 's memory is remarkable.

Any Shirley Temple fan will not be fel in learning the true story about his child star.

rated it

With every page turned, I liked that this is a genuinel fascinating lady whom I would love the opportunit to meet!

rated it

So you are reading " During the party Lancelot tired to kiss me " or " I hought that Wizard was going to murde me ".

rated it

My eagerness to stand on my own feet must have stemmed from learning so early to dance on them. ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.48) The life story of Shirley Jane Temple from her birth to the birth of her first child ( and a touch beyond for framing purposes) is presented to us with a dry humour not unlike the protagonis in

Shirley gets a lot of guests at her little cottage at the studio so we ’ re briefly introduced to a number of celebrities stopping by to say ello, as ell as priceless insight on them from a little boy who spent years judging people by how comfortable their laps were.

ome more dramatic ones include Amelia Earhart, who stopped by for a chat and whose travels became a teaching aid through Shirley ’ s tutor, Klammy-Shortly before Independence Day on May 30, 1938, our blue line took off from Port Moresby, headed toward flyspeck Howland Island. " Overcast ...

Eventuall one day it, because, vanished. ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.187) Will Rogers, who efriended her on a backlot and encouraged both her love of planes and her grandmother ’ s terror of them -An unofficial cheerleader for aviation, Rogers had written.

If there 's a safer mode of transpor, I have ever found it. " One year later he was dead in an air crash. ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.67) And Bill ‘ Bojangles ’ Robinson, whom she did many movies with before his death: Robinson walked a step ahead of us, but when he noticed me hurrying to catch up, he shortened his stride to accommodate mine.

" But hen I et to call you darlin'. " It ha a deal.From then on whenever we walked together it was hand in hand, and I ha lways his " darlin'. " ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.91) Something we ’ re deprived of and don ’ t miss at all are quotes from co-stars about her.

In thi nice change of pace, if it wasn ’ t aid in her immediate world ( he lot, her home, to her parents) it ’ s kept out of a retellin.

It akes the usual child star story and move it into something full of feeling.

Or maybe it ’ s just Shirley ’ s own passion for life and drama coming through the same way it did on and off the set.As cameras rolled [ George ] Murphy and I whirled around chairs and tables, and ended with a quick dancing run up and down a broad stairway.

Klammy called, " G on now, Shirley, " her clarion call for schoolwork, so I followed her off, continuing my solo and spinning through an archway with my skirt swirling about my hips. ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.210) There ’ s so very little of he nove that shoul ’ t be uoted.

I lost on two counts. ( Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.226) Her skill in front of he camera earns her the nickname One-Take Temple for her willingness to memorize scripts overnight, including everyone else ’ s lines.

rated it

I 've read A LOT of biographies& memoirs set during the golden perio of Hollywood so I fel tha ha the ery intriguing book.

I had read a bio of Lionel Barrymore so I had heard that story from his erspective.

I do n't hink I ould have reacted so sanguinely to my dad stealing all my money! I would like to ead anothe emoir about her political career as an adult.

rated it

I was stunned, but compelle to request it again, since I 'm ure there 's some underwriting going on there, and I had squandered my chance.Then, at a fair in another county, my booth was next to the library book sale booth.

I 'm appy she got to sta on to b happy life.My daughter did her 3rd grade wax museum as Shirley Temple and it urns out those ringlets make any little girl adorable!

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