Chocolate Covered Murder

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Published January 1st 2012 by Kensington (first published December 27th 2011

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nother chocolate shop has opened in town, and Lucy Stone is writing th story about it.

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.. Chocolate Covered Murder ( A Lucy Stone Mystery Series Book 18) Kindle Edition.

Enterin a throng of jealous women in her wake, it 's almost no surprise when Tamzin turns up dead, her body covered in chocolate.

Lucy is not nly the star reporter in town, but she has a knack for being close when trouble strikes- whether it be murder, drugs, or whatever.

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Lucy Stone is the stepdaughter of four, and therefore though couple of her children no longer live at homes, she is surprisingl busy woman.

Finding people to nswer questions is frustrating as usual for Lucy.

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Lucy is a part-time reporter.

For contex, we see her dog three times before finding out it 's a Lab. But we get a blow-by-blow of what 's on tv when she 's laughin to her husband while she worries about her dieting.

Where is my mystery? Overall, I found Lucy to be often discontent and I eally, really wanted to actually ave a mystery.

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Back in Tinker 's Cove where Lucy gets entangled in a Valentine double-homicide mystery.What I liked about Chocolate Covered Murder: Passage of time- I neve really like that it was made clear some time had passed since the previous ook.

ometimes it look like these cozy mystery series pick up right where the next book ended and it give me wonder why these towns continue to have residents with all this murder happening around them.

I mean, I wen out of the northeast almost twenty years ago, but after living in the ballpark of half my life up there, I efinitely think the difference between the two.The mystery itself- The pace, the little twists, the inevitable moment of peril for our intrepid reporter, the reveal, and the outcome all worked well as whole.

At one point, th character in a book asks: " It 's definitely the kin of hing you 'd xpect in a little town like this. " I have to ay, seems this particular haracter is n't all that familiar in the place they 've rrived, because history points to an otherwise different conclusion about Tinker 's Cove.

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Just an FYI for some that this might offend.It is winter in Tinker 's Cove, and in order to oost the economy, the villag is launching a travel promotion for Valentine 's Day. As a correspondent for the Pennysaver, Lucy is assigned to write an article about the award winning chocolate shop, Chanticleer 's Chocolates, and its owner, Trey Meacham.

When Lucy goes to the supermarke for her article, she meets store manager, sexy and sensual Tamzin Graves.

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