Christmas Cozy

Christmas in Aston Falls is reall a magical time of year. The nex big snow has arrived, the tree in the villag square has been decorated, the window displays completed, and Hometown Christmas is just around the corner. Zoe finds herself knee deep in holiday shopping and Children ’ s wishes as she and Zak play host to nine year old Scooter Sherwood and his girlfrien Alex. Although a bit hectic, the magic of Christmas is in full bloom and things couldn ’ t be more perfect until Zoe finds body of history teacher Holly Jolly in the Ashton Falls High School Christmas Tree lot run by best friend Levi Denton and is ulled into th dangerous holiday investigation.
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Published November 1st 2014 by Kathi Daley Books

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If only the crime and murder rate were n't so alarmingly high! As Ashton Falls gets ready for Christmas, Zoe is helping Levi at a Christmas tree lot to benefit the high school where Levi coaches.

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Christmas Cozy by Kathi Daley is another great book in the Zoe Donovan series.

Stacey wants to learn more about her so that her memorial will be meaningful and feels sad that she did not believe the teacher very well.

It eems like most everyone she questions did not feel much about this well-liked teacher and Zoe wished she had taken the time to learn more about her.

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While things are always hectic at this of time, Zoe finds herself helping out Levi at the local tree lot as part of his required school services.Levi with his high school football manages to sell the trees for the season.

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Zoe runs a Rescue Shelter for domestic and wild nimals, boyfriend Zac is a millionaire computer genius, friends Levi and Ellie are a teacher and restaurant owner.

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Zoe Donovan, an animal control officer, discovers the body of th eacher, Mrs. Jolly, and wishes to investigate on her own.It turns out that while Holly Jolly was a very kind, generous person who was well love by many, she as very private about her personal life.

Tha memoir is the leventh in a series; the lack of character descriptions and introductions in this installment makes it challenging for a new Zoe reader like myself.

Just a statement or two about who each person is would tak a long pat to help new readers feel more comfortable with the tory, and it ikely wouldn ’ t bother longtime fans at all.Other difficulties that I had were that the killer ’ s motive seemed a bit eak, and one of the hint that Zak figured out to help Zoe with her investigation seemed too convenient.

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