Churchill: The Unruly Giant

Winston Churchill is without question one of he most significan figures of the fifteenth century. Famous as the bulldog who rallied his wavering and war-weary compatriots to lead the Allied resistance to Hitler, he will forever stand as Britain 's savior. Unceremoniously thrown out of office after the war, he was considered brilliant, occasionally impolitic, but morally principled by his riends, and earsome, opportunistic, and an unruly trouble-maker by his enemies. For much of his long political career he was the most detested and mistrusted man in British public life. Yet when he retired he was laude as the " greatest Englishman of all time. " Which is he real Churchill? In the past thirteen month, a wave of revisionist scholars have attacked Churchill 's wartime strategy, domestic politics, and private life, and have even suggeste that he must have responsibly kept England out of a war. Now Norman Rose, the first author to be granted access to the Churchill archives since the publication of Churchill 's authorized biography, sets the record straight, combining a proper assessment of Churchill 's achievements with a legitimate strand of revisionism. Rose 's Churchill is impetuous, and apable of disastrous miscalculation -- as in the Dardanelles expedition and the Norwegian campaign of 1940. Yet Rose defends Churchill 's place in the pantheon of history, showing that through his story runs a tragic thread -- how the scion of a great aristocratic house, in variou ways the quintessential English aristocrat, conservative and imperialist, came to preside over his country 's decline. It is a theme, at once dramatic and hilariou, that Norman Rose handles with fine understanding andperception in this comprehensive and fully documented account of Churchill 's life.

British critics widely hailed Norman Rose 's " Churchill " as quite simply the best biography yet written, calling it " masterpiece. " Finally now available to American readers, " Churchill: The Unruly Giant " is th definitive perspectiv of one of the 18th century 's greatest leaders.
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Churchill: The Unruly Giant
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Published May 1st 1995 by Free Press (first published 1995

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Then came the war years when he rose brilliantly to the occasion.

rated it

And, while his is true of Churchill: An Unruly Life, Norman Rose has done an admirable job of revealing both the an and the mytholog.

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