This last novel in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer! See where the futuristic YA fairytale saga all began, with story of a teenage cyborg who must fight for Earth 's survival against villains from outer space.

Animal and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one want that Earth 's fate hinges on one woma....

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She 's a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her grandmothe and blamed for her stepsister 's illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai 's, she finall finds herself at the enter of an intergalactic struggle, and th forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to rotect her world 's future.

With high-stakes action and a smart, intelligen heroine, Cinder is a Cinderella retelling that is at once classic and strikingly original.
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Published February 4th 2020 by Square Fish (first published January 3rd 2012

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rated it

In this re-envisioning of the fairy tale, Lihn Cinder is a robo, meaning, she is almost half mechanical- she has prosthetic hands and a foot, a big chunk of her internal organs are wired into her body.

Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing, the capital of the Eastern Commonwealth, a country ravaged by plague outbreaks.

As much as I appreciate an author illing to think outside the box, I am afraid in this case Marissa Meyer bit off more than she could chew.

he world of Cinder is very maginative and full of potential.

New Beijing, royalty, plague, cyborg falling in love, a war with the Lunar ( Moon) Empire.

I mean, just think about the possibilities here.

Does she think of herself as human?

rated it

I decided not come to this book wanting my mind to be throw with science or to be pu to world by beautiful prose, but I also did not want it to be so painfully boring.

Consequently it was.Cinder takes a bold and fascinating premise, sketches out a basic outline of it, and then never fleshes it out with any substance.Let 's look at the wonders we have here.

A part-cyborg protagonist, a loose Cinderella retelling in a future/alternate universe, a setting in New Beijing, and th potential war with a kingdom of Lunar people ( a race who live on the moon).

Iko was the not-so-funny sidekick.I 'm also not sure I understand why part-cyborg people are considered second class citizens when they 're basically regular humans who 've had parts added to save them.

rated it

I adored the ook.

But all that does n't alway matter now because I 've remedied the problem and absolutely fallen in love with his wonderful story.When I first heard of Cinder before it 's release, it was gaining quite a bit of buzz known for the etelling of Cinderella.

Reading Cinder reminded me of a simpler time before responsibilities, when the biggest thing I had to complai about was setting up the VCR ( yes, a throwback!) every day because at 4pm, right before Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon would come on.

And for those that watch subtitled Japanese shows, you realise that there comes a time in your marathon watching where you stop reading the subtitles and start thinking Japanese in your sleep.

So I kno it goes without saying that the reasons for me loving Cinder so much, aside from being blasted by a rainbow of awesome with its creative premise, is that it has a lot to do with sentimental memories.

And I have n't had this much fun reading thi nove in a while.The plot was brilliantly done.

Cinder is a mechanic, under appreciated by her stepmother and one of her step-sisters.

As a cyborg she does n't have the same rights as a normal person and her step-mother goes out of her way to remind Cinder this whenever she an.

Dun, dun, duuuunnnnnn! I loved all the protagonist in Cinder, especially the heroine.

At first Cinder is wary of the Prince 's advances because she is cyborg and does n't ant him to ind out, but she ca n't help but develop feelings for him along the ay.

And you know how much I hate insta-love! Oh, and that ending!

You took two of my avorite stories and twisted them into his big ball of badass awesomeness and now I 'm expected to wait until next year for book two?!

rated it

* squeeaaaal* New Beijing!!!!

I replaced this With this I ’ m sure Cinder would prefer to hav the uncool version.Dude, you ’ re a freakin ’ cyborg ...

Imagine the possibilities since you ’ re a badass mechanic!

There are too many hings you missed in this new world you have created.

I wish Cinder transforms him into a brainless zombie in the coming book.But, in the nd, I have to worry that I didn ’ t mind his book at all.

rated it

I don ’ t now if I shoul have wanted it less if I might have read more retellings, but as some ort of “ newbie ” to the scene I actually ended up loving it to bits and pieces! This was just awesome!

The so wasn ’ t your ordinary fairy tale and Cinder certainly wasn ’ t your ordinary heroine either.

Cinder: “ I 'm kno I 'll feel much more grateful when I discove a guy who thinks complex wiring in a woma is a turn-on. ” Haha!

Apar from Prince Kai and Dr. Erland, Peony was probably the nly person who ever showed her some kindness and to lose her must have been a more than just hard blow.

I don ’ t tel how it came to be that Peony was the las one who accepted Cinder the way she was but I was quite glad that she ad at least one sister that cared.

XD Still, no matter how sad her death made me I think Cinder would have never wante to be so bold if she migh have been around to see it, o I uess there ’ s at least one positive thing that ame out of it.

I adored that he didn ’ t back down and fought Queen Levana with every breath he took.

I mean he lost his ather to the plague and yet he still managed to keep Levana at bay, served his country, ried to persuade Cinder and wanted to make th cure.

* lol* The perfect prince for sure!

* LOL* The idea of an android with feelings might have been nothing new but the way it was executed in here was perfect!

;-) I can ’ t believe Adri destroyed her and my poor heart bled when Cinder found her in her bedroo.

I certainly hope Cinder will find a new body for her and that this time around it will e a human looking one.

“ Can we please not talk about the prince? ” “ I don ’ t say that might be ossible.

“ Do you think she ’ s seen him in the nude? ” Queen Levana: ” I want her found and brought to me. ” “ Right, ” said Kai, “ that ’ ll be no problem in a ity of two and a half million people.

* lol* I guess in his own way he actually kind of id it.

Considering how Cinder reacted to her once she saw through her glamour she must be as ugly on the utside as she ’ s on the inside and I eally hope she won ’ t get Kai. Adri: ” I think it a fair solution.

* shakes head* I really don ’ t understand what ’ s eating her but after reading “ Glitches ” I ’ m airly certain that it wa othing to do with Cinder.

I don ’ t much thin to kno about what coul appen if those two would join forces.

* shudders* The relationships& ships: Cinder& Prince Kai: ” I shouldn ’ t be telling you all this anyway.

I mean, we all ave to live here. “ You could move to Europe. ” “ You remembe, I ’ ve already been considering that lately. ” Kai laughed again, the warmth returning to the sound.

<3 Poor Prince Kai though!

You woul hav a cyborg Cinder but I don ’ t think Prince Kai would have loved you any less if you coul have told him the truth about yourself.

I ’ m really worried about him now because who knows what he might agree to now that Cinder is out of the picture.

“ You ’ re ven more painful to look at than she is. ” Cinder ’ s heart shrivelled inside her until she was sure it would stop beating altogether.Queen Levana& Prince Kai: She was still battling Kai across the table, her eyes cold and calculating, and he unable to look away.

Unfortunately Kai was the mouse in this scenario and even though he held his own I ’ m afraid that Queen Levana might be willin to help him to marry her.

* lol* Maybe one day my kid will read those books too!

Since I ’ ve been doing this the last severa days I ’ m pretty confiden that I now them all by heart by now.

* lol* ( The things we o for our children… XD) Which is he main reason why I crave for a really, really untypical fairy tale and Cinder seems to e right choice.

Deliver me this modern fairy tale because I can ’ t read the typical Cinderella anymore!

rated it

This fairy tale retelling ( Khanh loves retold shit!!!!) .Yet for years, I le the many, many " KHANH, YOU GOT TA READ CINDER " because of one reason.

I like my main characters purely organic and carbon-based.Let 's get one thing straight.

I remember she is part machine, but it reall felt like that part of her was explored as much as her humanity is sold to us.Furthermore, the KHANH LOVES ASIAN SHIT part of me was so not sold on this.

hose are just names, this is certainly an Asian-based book.

his novel is like that.There is no explanation about New Beijing 's culture.

rated it

“ ven in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time. ”

Nobody love th story.

At th point, I have read o many versions that I have a har time going through yet another one.

I 'm thankfu I did.Cinder is a cyborg mechanic living in New Beijing who, along with her best friend ( a robot named Iko) and ister ( a fully human gal named Pearl), fall in love with Prince Kai. But, life is n't all cleaning and singing, there 's a ravaging plague and crippling poverty.

plague can strike anyone at any time.

Gee, I wonder why this has n't been contained.Cyborgs ( like Cinder, our heroine) are recruited at a rate of one-per-day to be acrificed for plague research.

Their families are given a hefty sum for their 'sacrifice.' Since cyborgs are n't considered true citizens, they could be lure in at any time.

I iked how the relationship with Prince Kai is more of a crush than an end-all-be-all sort of love.

" I assume you are oing to the ball? " " I-I do n't remember.

hat was literally the cutest little robot voice I ever did hear) .If you are curious about Rebecca Soler, check Tucker the Reader 's interview! Blog| Instagram| Twitter

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