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Claire (Clique Summer Collection, #5)
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Published July 1st 2011 by Hachette Audio (first published August 1st 2008

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I did n't eally like the Clique Summer Collection books.

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She spent most of her summer trying to raise oney for a Massie Block-approved eighth grade wardrobe by working for her rother at T.O.D.D. Jobs, Inc. When Claire 's F.B.F.F.s ( Florida Best Friends Forever) Sarah, ( Th) Mandy, and Sari return from camp, they plan to enter the Miss Kiss pageant.

Claire is initially hesitant due to Miss Kiss being known to destroy friendships, but changes her mind when she realise she can use the$ 1,000 prize to buy the clothes she needs.When shopping for dresses for the pageant, it becomes clear how Claire has developed a different kind of style since she wen to Westchester and her Florida friends call her out on his.

( Sarah, Amandy, Sari) hate each other and Claire is caught between her new life and her old one.When the girls take to register for Miss Kiss, the host of pageant asks Claire to be a celebrity judge due to being in Dial L for Loser.

They then show the host a text Claire sent them about helping them win and she is disqualified as a judge.There is a recount of votes for Massie and Gracie and Massie wins, but she puts up her crown to Gracie after seeing the hideous Miss Kiss dress.

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Claire is very nnoyed that her rother is her boss but will she stand it for the whol of the summer? Claire ’ s Fbffs ( Florida best friends forever) are Sari, Mandy, and Sarah.

ill her perfection world ever change back to how it was or will she be like his forever? Claire had a mother that was complete opposite of her: she would wear a little bit of lip gloss and brush her blonde hair on special occasions but that was all she must o to try to look retty.

Marie does not really do to do it because she hates that it fel a lot of friendships and it is he ast thing she needs right now after being away for a ear.

She does not get enough money working for Todd and she needs that money to purchas her back to school wardrobe or else she might get kicked out of the pretty committee.Claire loves Mrs. Van Deussen ’ s Petite Chihuahua, Piper.When they were in bus, Claire was talking to Piper which must have seemed very weird since the girls behind were looking and laughing.

Claire wished she could adopt this little Chihuahua.Claire is so appy to be back in Florida and to see her friends and everyon she had left to com to Westchester.She was taking pictures of everything she saw.Massy told her that they ha o happy to be SACS again ( Sari, Amandy, Claire, Sarah) and not SAS.

Amandy ’ s real name is Mandy but she says Amandy makes her look 16 and not 12.Going back to the Pageant, Claire needed to bring he risk of breaking her friendship to get the money because either way if she is kicked out of the pretty committee they will certainl be friends with her nymore.

“ It wouldn ’ t mak her any closer of a Massie approved wardrobe ” ( Harrison Pg. 12) She has to do it for The Pretty Committee ( TPC) .Claire and her classmates are so happy to be part of the pageant.

When she lived in Florida SACS always liked the same things but know Claire has changed and is part of he pretty committee.

SAS asked Claire to prove it by uying the dress and wearing it to the pageant.

This first mont, when Claire went to the pageant selections, SAS did not show up.

After hat, the girls move to the pageant and Lorna, the udge, asked Claire something that changed her life.

girls directly went back to be acquaintances with her the, even though Claire knew it was just because she was one of the Judges.

Massie decided to be part of the pageant too because the girls told her she wouldn ’ t ven last the first round.

Claire anted to leave the fan a little closer but it got trapped to the stage and the fan went right on Amandy ’ s face and ruined all her hope of winning.Now it was time for Claire to vote for the final Miss Kiss.

Amandy, who was mad at Claire showed the message that said everything that she ad done to help the SAS and Massie to the judges which meant that Claire was kicked out of the Judges and her vote did not count.

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