Clásicos DC: Crónicas de Atlantis

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Isbn 13
Number of Pages
Original Title of the Book
Atlantis Chronicles #1-7
Publication Date
Published by Ediciones Zinco (first published September 1990

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rated it

That is quite the first time I 've seen the comics medium really successfully tackle the ide of fantasy epic, like Lord of the Rings and its kin.

Recommended for literally anyone, regardless of your comic experience, DC experience, or Aquaman experience.

rated it

In th epic, we et full history of Atlantis, going back many, many centuries.

rated it

I realize his is actually the current history used for Aquaman in the DC universe, but is has already been my favorite.

rated it

Shockingly fantastic story and a must-read for Aquaman fans!

But eventually I bega reading this, I ould n't hol it down! This is n't an Aquaman story, it 's he tory of how Atlantis came to be.

Another as just a cool as hell story about Atlantis.Highly Recommended for Aquafans

rated it

You coul always see some of the inspiration for the fil 's version of Aquaman in these tale.

I read the original comic books years ago, but I launched in and read the stories again.

A bright colors give a very different effect compared to the original newsprint stories.

rated it

Unfortunately, when it was released, The Atlantis Chronicls immediately offered up a cornucopia of story seeds for Aquaman, based on cultures, characters, and their history.Altogether, an ntriguing and fun book full of mysteries and drama.

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