Claude's Confession

La Confession de Claude ( Claude 's Confession) was Emile Zola 's first ovel and his first attempt at what he would later call an " Experimental Novel. " Published in Paris in 1865, it was uickly banned in the United States and Great Britain and was not translated into English for several ecades. This is he first translation in nearly 150 years with an nsightful and thought-provoking Introduction by one of thi world 's leading Emile Zola scholars, Stephen R. Pastore, who has devote himself to introducing Zola to a new generation of English-speaking readers all over thi world, ofte in the United States.
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La Confession de Claude
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Published October 21st 2010 by Emile Zola Society (first published 1865

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i guess nothing will beat The Earth for just sheer " oh my God did that just happen " in a Zola book.

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Coul probably try one more earlier book before I egin that series.

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Obviously the ind of book Zola has become famous for, Claude ’ s Confession is written in he second person point of view, is filled with moralizing, and is an unabashedly romanticized portrait of poverty.

In my 21st century opinion, Claude ’ s Confession is none of thes things.

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his is dedicated to Zola 's friends, Paul Cézanne and Jean-Baptiste Baille, who ere nown as " the three inseparables. " This boo is presented as if the chapters ha a succession of letters to the two of them.

Claude 's feelings for the oman and for his lifestyle are the predominant theme of the novel.This debut novel was somewhat scandalous in the mid-1860s, even in France ( Zola lost his job with Hachette after its publication), and was banned in Victorian England and the United States.

I feel safe in saying that if Zola had not become a powerful writer, Claude 's Confession would probably never have survived to the present day.

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