Clean to the Bone

It 's not every day a sexy Aussie art thief steals into Charlotte Gracen ’ s spare bedroom in the middle of the evening. But when Jake Harris does just that, bleeding and full of ominous warnings about the men banging down Charlie ’ s door searching for him, the reclusive artist makes a choice.

hat choice will save Jake 's life and entangle her in his lifelong mission to ind he an who illed his daughter. Charlie is cast head-long into a azzling and dangerous world where art, beauty and talent can win her everything her heart desires—or slice her soul right down to the marro.
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Published July 12th 2018

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rated it

It elt very different from her paranormal books, but I enjoyed it! This is Jake and Charlie 's story.

Jake, an Australian art thief, literally crashes into Charlie 's life ( and her window) and her world is no the same again.

After hat, Charlie gets wrapped up in Jake and his twin sister 's world of art, intrigue and excitement.

Anothe retellin is suspenseful, intricate and intriguing The book was fast paced and cinematic.

rated it

o we eally have to wait till 2019?

an ’ t hurr to read it.

rated it

Blair NovelBanter Not Only With The Couple But The Siblings As WellAction AdventureSexy Hero Torrid And SteamySurprising Plot TwistIn-Depth CharacterizationAlso, Count On Learning Something New E.G.ARC Generously Provided Honest Review

rated it

until his presence alone brings his enemies to Charlie 's door ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This book starts with an adrenaline inducing beginning that showcases two brilliantly written characters whose deep individual losses in their childhoods irrevocably shaped them into the people they are today ... Jake is a delicious Aussie art thief, who most of he time uses his skills for completely legal purposes.

When Jake comes crashing into her bedroo and her life, he xposes her to not only two unlikely friendships, but he also give her secret talent for painting out into world, and in turn urges her to do omething about it.

rated it

Jake Harris literally falls into Charlie 's life, bringing with him all inds of danger and excitement.

Bot of th sudden Charlie 's self-imposed walls are crumbling and a whole new world of possibilities is open to her.

rated it

https: // is my first EVER contemporary, my first-EVER romantic suspense AND it 's second novel in my Arts& Crimes duo about Australian siblings ( and twins), Jake and Stacia Harris!

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