Cleat Catcher

What happens when an unrepentant Cleat Chaser meets the player of her dreams?

Nikki Graves has a history of going through the baseball roster with an ye for talent -- the ind of talent that keeps things spicy between the sheets. But, the she meets Braden Bradford, catcher for the Ravens, her talent scout days are done. He 's he one.

Braden has never met oman like Nikki, and he ca n't fin enough of her smart mouth and big heart. But life is n't actually as direct and certain as the connection between Braden and Nikki. When family objections and career trajectories begin to crowd the plate, will Braden be able to make his catch of a lifetime?

Content Note: Th ook is a ridiculous, crude, and rreverent novel with long bats, dirty mouths, and big balls. Here 's a litmus test so you can figure out if this is nove you ight enjoy. Give the following sample sentence a look. If it give you clutch your pearls, this is n't another book for you. Ready? Here goes:
" Hey, Braden, do me avor and shut your crusty c#$%& amp; flaps for a minute. I 'm intending to attend a high quality clambake here, and your c%$& amp; -blocking ways are doing nothing for my p$#%@ -slaying abilities. "
If you hate, smirked, snorted, or generally thought " that 's filthy, and I like it " then go ahead and give Cleat Catcher a one-click; you wo n't regret it.
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Published June 30th 2016(first published June 28th 2016

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rated it

For most of his life, all Braden has known is baseball, but with a subpar season, getting traded is becoming a worry.

Nikki Graves is a die-hard baseball fan and cleat chaser.

“ You like eing my little slut? ” His mouth was at my ear.

Braden and Nikki have been dating for six days.

During time, it ’ s become bvious that they hav both committed for the long haul, but in order to move forward they must act like a team.

Additionally Braden ’ s humour is unrelenting and I feel like I was part of his conversations at all times.

rated it

Genre: Contemporary RomanceType: Standalone Book 2 of 2 from Cleat Chase DuetPOV: First Person- DualRating: Braden Bradford was the catcher and team captain for the Ravens.

With her good looks, she had unlimited options of admirer and loved every second of it until she finally met The One. But life sometimes hit one with a curve ball and forced them to re-evaluate what 's the most mportant thing in life.After the fun craziness of previous book, I 'm thankfu to be reacquainted with the ang.

Like the irst novel, the econdary characters were very enjoyable.

It 's the good choice if you like a sports themed, quick fun read.Books in the series:

rated it

| AMZ US| AMZ UK |IT ’ S LIVE! Stand-alone book 2Shh… ARC Giveaway: https: //!

rated it

Thi great book.People often think that after the proverbial " I love yous " were exchanged that it is an automatic happily ever after.

The truggles, the kinks you have to com through, and nothing that ill get you think no matter what you will encounter in the future, it must no hav a happy-ever-after kind of ending.I love Braden and Nikki.

So because I love you two but because his book made me smile and believe and hope.

rated it

Presentl, this unknown author ’ s chapters might be the equivalent of a monkey shit fight at the zoo, but rest assured Sloane Howell saves this story and delivers a heart-felt, dramatic, totally satisfying experience despite the help.

rated it

Ofte, now it ’ s time for Easton ’ s teammate and best friend, Braden to get his happily ever after with his very own cleat chaser, Nikki in the Cleat Catcher.

And that ’ s so bad, because he only kisses me. ” Kyrie ’ s best friend, Nikki has been in a serious relationship with Braden for quite some time now.

Cleat Catcher was a un, edg, dirty-talking erotic romance that still had the aspect of that heart-warming love story.

Maybe if you are goin for this tal that is hot, feisty, edgy, and emotional then look no further than Cleat Catcher.

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