Collected Poems, 1909-1962

There is no more authoritative collection of the poetry that T.S. Eliot himself wished to preserve than this volume, published two years before his death in 1965.

Poet, essayist, critic, and editor, T. S. Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth-century oetry. This edition of Collected Poems 1909-1962 includes his verse from Prufrock and Other Observations ( 1917) to Four Quartets ( 1943), and includes such literary landmarks as 'The Waste Land' and 'Old Possum 's Book of Practical Cats'.
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Collected Poems 1909-1962
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Published 1963 by Harcourt Brace

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Som poems were selected by Eliot himself just a few decade before he died as the best of his work and it certainly contains all of his most famous work EXCEPT for the fact it does n't ven have one poem from " Old Possum 's Book of Practical Cats ".

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This third time you see them, there they are, all towering stone and wrought figures, some very human, some quite abstract representational polygons, full of whatever amount of symbolic subtext.

eemingly there from the outset of time, meaning all of hese things that they will forever embody.

Lincoln 's bearded visage over time starts to become a pretty tedious stone representation of Lincoln 's bearded visage.

After a little more time, the monuments become background and are ncapable of being seen at all, and later when you do revisit them, to try to see them again, they evoke very little in terms of inspiration or feeling.

That 's how I think of Eliot 's poems, even the best ones, which in my opinion are The Hollow Men and The Four Quartets.

I think Frank O'Hara is a better write than T.S. Eliot.

But O'Hara 's work possesses elements that I find fundamentally lacking in Eliot 's: humorous melancholy, strange language that manages to stay alive beyond multiple readings, amateurishness ( which is important), willingness to sound ridiculous, or even superfluous at times, in the search of the oblique sentiment that is inexactly, perfectly human.

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Eliot does n't always succeed, and any of his poems seem trite and pretentious, but when he succeeds he hits dead on with poetry perfect in form, balance, and sound.

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And when you can, through the implementatio of diligent reasoning and intuitive sleuthing, discern the implicit meaning behind the elegantly moving textual façade, you discove that Eliot truly belongs in that first-tier of twentieth century poets, masterfully forging personal commiserations by means of linguistic elements invariably held at somewhat of a remove—the better to penetrate the obfuscations of an age engaged in the shedding and shoring-up of beliefs—that it might seize and squeeze your spiritual nuts.

rated it

Each poem in this repository has annotations which may need additional reading to grasp the import.The poems The Hollow Men and the Lines for Curcuscaraway and Mirza Murad Ali Beg stood out to me as amongst the best given my lack of knowledge on many of references in other poems to historical and literary works.

rated it

A stupendous compendium of classical and lyrical poems filled with lush and evocative imageries that captures your imagination!

Thi literary magnum opus of one of the most interesting and influential poets who had ever lived — Thomas Stearns Eliot.

No wonder you did n't pass the friendship stage.

Just read and observe how Eliot describes this barmy, laughing woman.

The Waste LandEliot 's most famous poem with tons of literary allusions.

Interpretation of the said poem might vary, but essentiall, it 's about the degradation of our society, our civilization, hence, our world becoming a wasteland.

What the Thunder SaidFour QuartetsBeautiful, powerful, and memorable poems from Burnt Norton to Little Gidding.

Four Quartets- Burnt Norton=================================17.

Four Quartets- Little Gidding======================

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