Color Me Murder

Contain A Front and Back Cover for You to Color!

By day, Florrie Fox manages Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington D.C. By night, she reates her own intricately detailed coloring books for adults, filling the pages with objects that catch her eye. There 's plenty of inspiration in her new apartment -- a beautiful carriage house belonging to Professor John Maxwell, Florrie 's boss. He provide the property to Florrie rent-free with one condition -- she must move in immediately to prevent his covetous sister and ephew from trying to claim it.

When the professor 's daughte, Delbert, arrives, he proves just as sketchy as Florrie feared. But the following orning, Delbert has vanished. It 's not until she visits the third floor of the tore that Florrie makes a tragic discovery -- there 's a trap door in the landing, and dead Delbert inside. The esteemed Professor Maxwell is an obvious suspect, but Florrie is certain this case is n't alway dar and hite. Doodling clues, she turn to consider other colorful characters on the scene, all with a motive for murder. With killer drawing closer, Florrie will need to think outside the lines... before death makes his mark again.
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Published February 27th 2018 by Kensington Publishing Corporation

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rated it

Florrie Fox manages the Color Me Read bookshop.

This cozy mystery with a ikable cast of characters.

I love thi setting of the bookshop and carriage house in historic Georgetown, Washinton, D.C. The retellin is told from Florrie 's point of view as she looks into Delbert 's demise.

rated it

Before Florrie knows it she has a murde to find to help save the beloved professor whom police are certain committed the crime.I ’ m sure if everyone wonders after my opening to this review if I gave tha book five stars merel because I hated the cover, no thankfully that isn ’ t he case.

rated it

We meet Florrie Fox, manager of the Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington D.C. The cool stuf, she doesn ’ t just sell adult coloring books in the baker, she has recentl published several herself.

There is a guest house on the state and Professor Maxwell offers the place to Florrie.

Heck, I believe to ove into Professor Maxwell ’ s guest house so I should hav a part of their lives every day.I have only visited Washington D.C. once, but with he uthor ’ s descriptions of the area and the ookstore, I could transport myself so easily.

I shoul love to get lost in all the Color Me Read bookstore has to offer.The plot was rich and flowed at the perfect pace.

rated it

Thi ide of he essay is nothing new, no the way that the author executed the plot, developed the characters and created mystery throughout really made for an exciting murder mystery! Although it took me a while to get immersed in retellin, ainly due to almost all characters having peculiar names, when I finally figured out who was who the story ha so engage and interesting.

rated it

I 'm an adult coloring book junkie.

For not entirely adult coloring book fans but for the die-hard mystery fan.

rated it

Another is he last ook in Krista Davis 's new 'Pen and Ink' cozy mystery series.***** Twentysomething Florrie Fox is the manager of the 'Color Me Read' bookstore in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Florrie is trying to make an apartment closer to work when her boss, peripatetic Professor John Maxwell, offers her the carriage house on his nearby estate ..... rent-free.Maxwell 's only caveat is that Florrie has to move in immediately because his sister, Liddy Woodley, wants her good-for-nothing son Delbert to occupy the premises.

When Florrie comes across Delbert in the bookstore the next ay, he nastily tells her that he 's comin to inherit his ncle 's estate and her job will be toast.

With all his going on, guards are brought in to protect Maxwell 's estate, and Jonquille becomes Florrie 's 'bodyguard.' During Florrie 's inquiries, she collects clues, speaks to people who knew Delbert ( most of whom he 's wronged), and cogitates about the peculiar things that have been happening.

rated it

A essay is a page-turner, and thrilling to lose yourself in, and I highly recommend this Debut to Cozy Mystery fans!

rated it

Tha ovel had me hooked from the irst severa pages with the beautiful descriptions of he beautiful book store, Color Me Read.

Her passion and loyalty to her job as manager at Color Me Read, gave Florrie the drive to be the great amateur sleuth.

I loved Florrie ’ s relationship with the fellow customers, coworkers and a local homeless man, Jim. She lways looked out for everyone else and tried to see the best in them.The mystery of a story was well thought out.

I understoo it ha thi ery unique take to have Coloring Book Artist/Book Store Manager as our amateur sleuth.

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