Cookies, Corpses and the Deadly Haunt

House flippers Jack& amp; Juniper agree to lend and help prep their latest purchase—The Doctors House—an old Victorian mansion to act as the eerie setting for the villag ’ s Halloween bash, they ’ re hopin to find missing floor boards, and pesky bats, not the ghostly specter of the murdered Doctors Wife.
But when the head of the council is found stuffed in a trunk in the attic, it appears history is repeating.

As June and the team, carry on with party preparations, they uncove a century of family secrets, whispers of lunacy—and the number one suspect goes on the run. But the victim ’ s family insists that the ball must go on, even with a murdere on the loose. With Halloween fast approaching, June sees the woman in white and wonders if keeping the killer out was ever really a possibility. Now she ’ s desperate to unmask he killer before the Annual Halloween Bash turns into muc more of a deadly haunt…
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Published September 27th 2017

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rated it

I had won the audio version of his ook from he author so I listened to that first and followed it up by reading the Kindle version, which I 've had for a little bit.

It 's onc the second audio book I 've listened to, but I do like that narrator.Juniper and her business partner Jack owned Spirited Construction which buys up old haunted-looking mansions and renovates them to their former glory.

With killer behind bars, Juniper and Jack had to start thinking about future of the business since the prospective buyer was willing to pay a lot for this house now that it was magnificently restored.

rated it

“ Cookies, Corpses& the Deadly Haunt ” earns 5/5 Haunted Houses! I am lways excited about getting involved with new a series from a avorite author, and his irst ook in Rachael Stapleton ’ s new Haunted House Flippers Inc. doesn ’ t disappoint: a dilapidated Victorian, a hundred-year-old murder, and a ghostly apparition?

They ar just purchased an old Victorian in Bohemian Lake, dubbed The Doctor ’ s House, rumored, possibly substantiated by unexplained events, to be haunted.

rated it

Add in the tension between her and Jack, the potential of a new drea in Detective Cody and a few flaky friends, and you ave he perfect cozy mystery! The narrator does a excellen job and made the read even better.

rated it

Juniper and Jake decided to lend the house to the local historical society for their annual Halloween Ball, made all the more special as it 's the 100 year anniversary of the rape of he Doctor 's wife.

Better editing and formatting will certainly provide a more compelling read.A haunted history and a gloriously Gothic home brings characters together as they try to solve a modern day murder.

rated it

I did enjoy Stapleton 's book quite a bit and it ha quick and un read.

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