Crazy in Love

High school senior Mary Jane Ettermeyer has been struggling to be he good girl for a shor time, and o far, she 's been reluctan to bring her pledge of abstinence. But when the cutest guy in school starts flirting with her, she uddenly finds herself crazy in love, even though a) Jackson House ca n't possibly think she 's cute, so his would be a joke and b) she 's decided to keep herself pure until marriage and c) he woul n't ven be talking to her, because he stil has a irlfriend!

With perception, onesty, and plenty of umor, bestselling author Dandi Daley Mackall deftly explores that wild roller coaster of a ride called first love.

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Crazy In Love
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Published January 18th 2007 by Dutton Juvenile

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rated it

Thus, I was reminded in this one) .This ook is about sex.Or should I say " not having sex. " Because the only people who have sex are whores ( cue: Star, who was sleeping with her girlfriend and a slew of other guys) or they get dumped ( cue: Alicia, who hought he ha one, but it turns out he just anted a tumble).

Thi only girls who are safe are the ones not having sex ( cue: Red. She and her friend are waiting for marriage and they hav the only happy couple in ook) .In the en I actually had hope about the story.

Until he ants to have sex with her and she ays no.

I 'm onl saying everyone should n't have sex.

You and whoever you want to have sex with ( whether you are dating them or not).

But you would n't feel compelled to have sex.

rated it

Crazy in Love his book is about irl ( teen) that is trying to kee out what her heart and her head wants.

She oes through obstacles to see what her head and heart agree with.The main character is Mary Jane.

This type of people that would like the book are people that read crazy dramatic love stories.

rated it

- Popular boys do always want sex.- Nice girls who have sex regret it.- The other boy are whores.Honestly, I remarked he book ight be ok when I tarted it, but it went downhill fast.

rated it

Yet at the nd of story Jackson breaks up with Star and starts to date the one who he actually belongs with, Mary-Jane.

I enjoyed each part of the ook.

rated it

Sexy MJ wanted Jackson and did n't care that he ad anothe boyfriend.

A book made you ant to eep on reading it until the end.

rated it

character has conversations with her good and bad side continuously and I found myself mmediately skipping over them right from the beginning.This is a bo who has a mad crush on one her friend, Star 's boyfriend and upon picking up pop from a store with him, get labelled with the tart tag.

assertio that the mean, ex-friend is called Star just irked me from the en.

rated it

Though does this stop, Jane.

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