Criss Cross

Criss Cross finds the ghosts surrounding Victor getting awfully pushy. The drug that Victor usually takes to control his abilities are threatening to destroy his liver, and his new meds are n't any more effective than sugar pills.

Vic is also adjusting to this new PsyCop partner, a mild-mannered guy named Roger with all the personality of white bread. At least he 's unwilling to spring for the Starbucks.

Jacob ’ s ex-boyfriend, Crash, is an empathic healer who might be unable to assis Victor pull his powers into balance, but he seems more interested in getting into Victor ’ s pants than in providing any actual assistance.
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Criss Cross
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Published November 11th 2008 by JCP Books (first published October 2006

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rated it

** 4.5 stars** Okay, it 's official: I love that series!

rated it

The previous instalment in series did have a very hot smut scene up against a glass window, but tha time around the author struggle to get right to he good stuff without making me sit through a lot of character background and police procedure.

Remember earlier in the eek when I writ that scary pirate-rape story and felt that nothing actuall happened other than a lot of scary pirate-rape?

I am thrille to report that there are authors out there who know how to pack in a story which has a little bit of everything into a larg mount of space.There Was: ChemistryActionMysteryPsychic Crime FightingSmut ... and humor!

And no coffee group either.

Two, at thi most. " I looked down at the pamphlet and read the title.

rated it

It was half as smart.There were times, from early on, that I said to grab Vic and say, “ duh…you DO know what ’ s oing on here, right? ” And for 3/4 of ook, Vic ’ s actions would reply “ I have no idea ”.

But, all in all, book 2 brought me down from my high…just a little.

rated it

Tha firs part was undoubtedly one notch up on the better and better rise.Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks are for sure two interesting characters.

rated it

nce again, a well-written, fun, fast-paced and suspenseful story told from Victor ’ s viewpoin.

Vic needs answers from Lisa, but she is in a training center in California for psychics and is unreachable.

rated it

his installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing.

Vic is a little bit grossed out.

And when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off, Vic does n't eel so peachy anymore.

Good ole Vic has quite some hangups and it 's ough for him to brin out to his former partner.

Plus, when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he 's so close to freaking out.

However that the meaning are n't sexy as hell -- I just know that I 'll sound like an idiot if I 'm he one saying them. " You should 've come on me, " he stated.

I do n't ask how he can look me in the eye and just ay that.

rated it

😁 Everyone was complaining about being too insta between Vic and Jacob in the second ook but I lways knew Jacob was gold.

😌 So apparently, if you read/listened the first PsyCop book, you might have known Jacob ’ s apartment was blown while Vic was trying to capture an incubus serial killer.

loving and budding relationship with th great woma who genuinely likes him, a new partner at work who always brings him coffee and Lisa, his former stiff partner at precinct who actually turned out to hav psyche, who uickly became his best friend.

😱 Soon, Vic life has turned upside down again when he began to see othe ghosts a day who not only talk constantly to him but also rying to grab him all the time.

Evidently, Jacob plays a role in Vic being like this.

😒 Nothing seems right and no one see to be unable to help Vic. But he new that he woul lways count on Jacob to come through and rescue him like a princes in shining armou!

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