Crome Yellow

On vacation from school, Denis goes to stay at Crome, an English country house inhabited by man of Huxley 's most outlandish characters -- from Mr. Barbecue-Smith, who writes 1,500 publishable words an hour by " getting in touch " with his " subconscious, " to Henry Wimbush, who is infatuated with writing the definitive " History of Crome. " Denis 's stay proves to be a disaster amid his weak attempts to attract the girl of his dreams and the ridicule he endures regarding his plan to rea trilogy about love and art. Lambasting the post-Victorian standards of morality, Crome Yellow is witty masterpiece that, in F. Scott Fitzgerald 's words, " is too ironic to be called satire and too scornful to be called irony.
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Crome Yellow
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Published September 10th 2004 by Dover Publications (first published 1921

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" But we had such awful thunderstorms last week. " Parallel straight lines, Denis reflected, meet only at infinity.

We hav all parallel straight lines.

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Erasmus was no longer listened to; he was reviled for his reasonableness.

Luther was serious, Luther was reality – like the Great War. Erasmus was only reason and decency; he lacked the power, being a sage, to move men to action.

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I emember when I writ his story in 1975 that I was abashed by my own shortcoming in dating, and I downrated the book because I identified oo much with the narrator.But there is even more to Aldous Huxley 's novelette than Dennis.

There are two Sunday sermons; philosophical disquisitions by the irrepressible Mr. Scogan ( along with Dennis, another stand-in for the write); an attack on contemporary life by Henry Winbush; and umerous other conversations that impinge on the young an 's experience at Crome.I remember loving Huxley 's work when I was younger.

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My friend Celia is a huge Huxley fan, so some time ago I bought a copy of Crome Yellow but never really had an awful lot of time to ead it.

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S only this, but he back of he nove ays that even less happens than is normal in these storie.

And totally worth reading no matter what the blurb on the back of book leads you to fee.

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Crome Yellow is Huxley 's first boo.

It takes place in a place called Crome.

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aving once read Huxley 's Brave New World, I was unimpressed at how different Crome Yellow was.

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