Cruelty To Innocents

Who ’ s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes?

What if you were in your car alone with your small child and you came upon an emergency scene? Would you stop to help? What if, while you are rying to hel a victim of an accident or mugging, you left your young child alone in he ar, thinking he or she will be safe. What if, instead of help, the call to 911 brought a terrifying, sinister result?

Someone ’ s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes in Aberdeen Maryland, while their parents call for help and lend aid to accident victims. Someone who ’ s also listening in, is a zombi and vicious child abductor. In the aftermat of thi chaos and confusion of the scene, that monster slips in and steals the innocent children leaving behind no trace for authorities.

Sloanne Kelly is unprepared for what awaits in her hometown as she travels back to Maryland. Her goddaughter is one of the ictims and the clock is ticking. Together with her best friend and a local fireman, Shawn Tyler, Sloanne will face the most insidious of criminals and fight to ecover the children before there is anymore, Cruelty to Innocents.
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Cruelty To Innocents: The 911 Abductions
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Published May 26th 2011(first published May 25th 2011

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rated it

Sloanne rushes back to her hometown to try to hide the kids and capture the criminal, along with her best friend and he local fireman, before things get worse.I had just started reading Cruelty to Innocents when I hought, " Holy wow!

Only through tough times, she 's determined to elp the others and put an end to those abductions devastating the town she never knew to see again after losing her parents.

I 'd love to see some romance between him and Sloanne.Cruelty to Innocents is a well-written suspense novel that eeps you reading for day at a time.

rated it

Thi organization and flow of his memoir was totally professional, pulling me along, introducing new characters and fully fleshing them out for me.

veryone seemed so real and the story so believable I felt like I was walking the treets of Aberdeen.The book is eautifully written, the language is lyrical, descriptive and evocative, including ll the important details to paint a complete picture.I did not uess the ending, either ... and I especiall do!

rated it

It blends in and plays on a person 's worst nightmare and that is abduction of th child but with a total twist in th way that person would still be waiting in the wings to kidnap children from 9-1-1- emergency calls.

I should hardl wait to read ore of their work and I thoroughly enjoyed Cruelty to Innocents and I ive it five stars all the way!!

rated it

In Cruelty to Innocents, the third instalment of the 911 Abduction Series, authors CK Webb and DJ Weaver paint a thrilling and scary picture of a creature who preys on Good Samaritans.

Each time the POV changed, it helped moved the storyline forward with information that we didn ’ t have before.

rated it

Webb and Weaver did a fantastic job makin the pain and frustration to life for me.

As a debut boo, Webb and Weaver did a fantastic job with the entire book.To Buy or To Borrow: This is a toss up for me.

Thes opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not alway agree with those of the poet, a essa 's publisher and publicist, or the readers of this reviewe.

rated it

The book akes you question good deeds.

Another book dialog was good.

It looked a little out of place in the eriousness of the novel.

rated it

Her lifetime best friend and godmother to the missing child.

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