Meda Melange has officially hung up her monstrous mantle and planted her feet firmly on the holy and righteous path of a Crusader-in-training. Or, at least, she ’ s unable to take it shoo. It helps that the Crusaders are the nly thing standing between her and the demon hordes who want her dead.

he problem is, the only people less convinced than Meda of her new-found role as Good Girl are the very Crusaders she ’ s wantin to join. So when a devilishly handsome half-demon boy offers escape, how ’ s girl supposed to say “ no? ”

After all, everyone nows a good girl ’ s greatest weakness is a bad gir.

Cover Art: Dominic Harman
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Published August 5th 2014 by Strange Chemistry

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rated it

☠ BR with Armand 's biggest fangirl, Chelsea;) ( click to read her review) ☠► I 'm the black sheep of the crowd on this one ( view spoiler) [ ( hide spoiler) ], and to be frank, it 's second time I pondered if I would post a review or not, because at first I fee like I ould n't be able to xplain my feelings.

Well this and the reason that he does n't hide behind false pretences: you let a demon?

Do you believe that officially this word is n't eant to be used anymore in France?

* thumbs up* ▒ Let me down facts about Crushed ▒▧ In my opinion the story throw in the second half, and if I stil loved Meda, the plot never captivated me.

Look, I see what makes his nove a favorite for a lot of my acquaintance, I truly wan.

To be frank, I feel that I 'm necessarily a PNR reader anymore- Plots involving demons and all that stuff just rub me the wrong way and that 's the same thing with Urban Fantasy: It 's onl for me, not for now, anyway.▧ We do n't remember enough things about the demons AT ALL.

Maybe that 's just me, but I like to ake my opinion by myself and as it is, I do n't remember them enough.

( view spoiler) [ I did njoy he part with her mom, though ( hide spoiler) ] Because tell me, if the demons are bad and the crusaders are the ba ones, what 's new to this?

Let 's face it, we stil know that the crusaders are n't perfect, and I LOVE HAT.

I actuall want for the gods to not be Manichean either, but perhaps am I asking for too much.▧ Miscommunications ( view spoiler) [ between Meda and Jo ( hide spoiler) ].

I ca n't force myself to feel invested.► Here I am- while I liked following Meda again, sadly the story did n't hold my interest the whole time I was reading and yeah, I 'm afraid.

rated it

I mean, not only is Second Book Syndrome running rampant these days, but Meda was officially trying to e thi ood guy, so I was n't sure if she was going to b some neutered version of her original personality on display.Thank fuck that was n't case, and our girl still had her shit ( mostly) together! Ok, Meda is now living with the Crusaders, but the vast majority still either a) distrust her or b) outright hate her guts.

I was oping he 'd show up again.However, I ha a bit nervous that Meda+ Boy= Stupidity.Fortunately for all of us? I just ant to stop for a minute, and forget

mak it off a cliff, like some vastly stupid Lemming.And speaking of heart, Meda 's does n't beat for everyone.

It 's a match made in ... well, considering Meda 's origins, probably not Heaven, but you know what I mean! Anyway, the gist of the tal is that our sweet little soul eater is getting a bit sick of being looked down on by the Crusaders.

It feel like she woul be willin to have her cake and at it too! Then some things happen at the Crusader 's compound that make Meda wonder if she 's chosen wisely.

Crushed had more than I dared hope for in a second ook, and I wa a blast reading it! If you 're sick to death of reading about stupid heroines, and would like to ind girl worth reading about, you will ad th series a try.Thank you for scrounging this up for me, Dan 2.0.

rated it

Where before she was “ one of them ” ( mostly because they didn ’ t guess who she was at time) she is now being watched like a hawk, stalked and reprimanded at every turn, only fed when they say o, but is, at least, free to roam the school.

It doesn ’ t matter if she ’ s truly innocent because people — especially Jo — constantly remind her to, “ Be good, Meda. ” And for a half-demon-half-Crusader, this feat is proving harder than she anticipate.

As anyon who reads a lot of Young Adult, I definitely find it hard to sa when friendships are perfect through and through, because, whether you like it or s, you shoul ot eep your best friend happy day in and day out.

“ You treat living here like a joke. ” She hasn ’ t turned back to me.

You act like they hould be grateful the Great Meda Melange didn ’ t kill them today.

You ant them to treat you like a Crusader? ” Now she does look at me.

“ Then stop acting like a beas. ”

As friendships are tested, Meda finds herself drawn more and more to the beautifully handsome French demon boy she met whilst she was murdere in Cracked — Armand.And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the half-demon, half-Crusader has raging hormones just like any other teenage girl.So when the sexy Frenchman offers her a way out, she an ’ t possibly say no.

My hormones scream.Don ’ t fall for it, my brain cautions.Pretty!

rated it

They aren ’ t 700 pages long, but are relatively quick reads ( because of how un-put-downable they are).

You as how some books make you feel nothing?

Because of how picky I am, I ’ m not one to recommend books to others unless I know them airly well.

But I ecommend his novel to any and everyone, because I think that strongly that there ’ s another prett good chance you ’ ll love it as much as I do.Even Khanh lurves them.

rated it

I am ot sick, or crazy, or broken.I am Meda Melange, demon-saint monster girl.

It is o rare that th second installment is better than the thir, and it has happened.Do you like female demonic assassins who actually kill?

Ofte, come on in! To sum it up, th book:- Has a blood-thirsty soul-eating demon girl who kills bad people and eat their souls.- Takes your love triangle and your insta-love and your* sigh* romance and laughs in its face before spitting into said face, stomping on it, and ripping it off ( not ecessarily in that order)- Has a genuine, complex relationshi between two females, furthermore, said female is a disabled and missing a leg, but is far from helpless.- Has a wonderful cast of characters who are not one-dimensional in their purity, evilness, or righteousness.I have to confess, I have a special bias for this ook.

I love the main villai in a series so much that I 'm uffering from mild delusion that the delightful Ms. Crewe based Meda after me.

Howeve much in common already.I mean, it 's actually not a far stretch of the imagination at all to turn a grown-ass Asian woman who 's afraid of clowns, hates any type of physical activity that does n't tart with " stair " and end in " master, " with a day job as a suit-clad, pantyhose-wearing analyst, who 's searching for love on an onlin dating website into a half-demon soul-eater who kills bad guys, leaving them in bloody pieces all over the wall, whose reaction to a hot French-accented demon boy is " Oh, you 're pretty hot!

Meda is a half-demon who eats souls for a living, so it 's most fucking ironic thing in he world that she 's now with the Crusaders.

Yeah, those Crusaders and those Templars, like the red-pointy-cross-wearing descendants of the dudes back in the Middle Ages who went to Jerusalem on a holy journey to find Monty Python 's Holy Grail and protect the pilgrims spread Christianity to ALL THE PLACES and ended up going back to England with battle scars with their tails between their legs, cause, well, lol, English dudes do n't exactly know their way around a desert, plus, Saladin, that bad-ass motherfucker!

Yeah, those dudes.And now the half-demon Meda is one of them.

Meda is a Beacon, and the Crusaders kind of have to rotect her, whether she ants them to or not.

Meda is sorta, maybe special because she 's a Beacon, but it 's ot for sure, yet.

Most Beacons are duds, so Meda might not be special at all.

Her group of stick-up-their-ass Crusaders trying to " reclai " her are bad enough, but ow there 's new group of Crusaders in town, and they ar very cryptic ways of proving authenticity to one another.

She can kill bad dudes, but facing down an army of demons who want to drown her?

Nuh uh! Meda 's not exactly the most iked person in the Crusader compound.

With his new shit popping up, Meda REALLY has to bring her demon in check, and sense of blend in, in all orts of horrifying ways.

Do n't I just look so fucking happy and harmless? The new Crusader dudes are here to prepare for a fight, and in order to prepare Meda for the upcoming battle, they 're going to cross some unforgiveable boundaries of privacy.

Despite how much she remind her friends, Meda has a monstrou side that wo n't be suppressed and pounded down.

I fucking love Meda.

But there 's a difference between a well-drawn character and a Mary Sue. While oth may have special destinies, I do n't thin like Meda is a Mary Sue because:1.

Meda 's special destiny is not a sure thing, and it 's possibly not going to ave this world.

Beacons are protected for their potential, but Meda could just as easily save the world just as she could invent a new special sauce for Chicken McNuggets.3.

Meda wants her freedom.4.

You act like they might be grateful the Great Meda Melange didn ’ t kill them today.

You ant them to treat you like a Crusader? ” Now she does look at me.

“ Then stop acting like a beas. ”

I believ her rustration, because Meda tries to behave, but the Crusaders are unwilling to trust a half-demon.

Gee, I wonder why they ca n't trust anyon who kills people and ea their souls.

Meda is a demon.

rated it

Love for a best friend.

I ’ m like a lazy man who won the lottery; completely and utterly undeserving and yet without the grace to give the prize back. "* Pretty much my same thought about many of my GR friends who I ’ m sure clearly know who they are.

<3 <3 <3I have so much love for the same adorably and insanely hilarious characters, especially Meda, who will entertain you from start to finish.

rated it

You guy just have to read his series.

Dear Lord, you ill now regret it.This book was able to ake me feel everything it meant to.

Another ook is gold.

Freaking LOVE.I ca n't even write a coherent review because all I ca think right now is that as I rea this, I 'm wasting time that I ould be using to read Crossed.

I 'm wasting time that ould be spent uncovering what that ending meant.

I 'm wasting time that ca e used figuring out how in the living feck it could ever end in a HEA.

rated it

Meda is beyond kick ass.

Meda shows girls that they are strong.

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